Monday, March 17, 2008

Lost In Translation

Have you ever worked on a project and you just keep scratching your head and re-reading the instructions? Clearing your throat, scratching some more, adjusting your reading glasses (humor me ... you wear them too right...). Well, this gardening tote from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing was one of them. There are actually instructions missing. Really! I found a flicker group for her book and was relieved to find that someone else out there did some scratching, clearing, and readjusting as well. In the end I will make another one of these now that I've figured it out. This definitely is not a project for a newbie. I was able to find my way through thanks to having made a few project from Bend the Rules. Those principles applied here and having muddled through those I was able to finish the tote. This one is for my sister in law for her birthday. I'm saving the apron idea for Christmas. I want to put some more thought into those. I don't have enough brain power right now to do something without a pattern.

The exterior fabric is blue/green peapod from the Modern Flora Collection. Recognize the interior fabric? I love it when I can use leftovers from another project. By the way...I did pick up my knitting the other night. I wanted to see if I even remembered how to hold the needles. Yup. I finished a row to nowhere...I'm ready to make something. Dishcloths here I come!

Kris has tagged me for a sort of blogging questionnaire ... stay tuned for my riveting interview ...


Kris said...

Hi Adrienne! I have that book too but haven't made anything yet. *almost* made the reversible apron, but then something happened. I think it was supposed to be a gift for an aunt and I ran out of time. I should revisit that book.... Anyways, your creation looks cute!!

PS: I'll ship your fabric out tomorrow - thanks!! :) Kris

StichingSurgeon said...

very cute! love your use of the fabric...i saw it on how about orange and wanted to pick some up but had no idea about what to use it for...your idea is great! love the it sturdy?? I have the book and had thought of making it but i was afraid it would turn out floppy...any tips?