Monday, March 3, 2008

Chelsea Bag - Check

Yipee! I'm so excited to have finished this. Check one more project off the to-sew list. This bag was the first time I've used one of Amy Butler's patterns. She gives great directions; even I, the non-direction-following-person that I am, could understand.

So, here's what I learned whilst making Amy Butler's Chelsea Bag (I've wanted to use the word 'whilst' for some time ... you know we say whyull down here in Virginia ... not so polished sounding!).

1. Make sure you totally pay attention when cutting out fabric if you are trying to center a print (my yellow side is a little off ... like me)

2. Timetex is pretty darn stiff (aarrrg)
3. I'm not so hot at itty-bitty detailed stuff (the handles - although maybe not truely itty-bitty to others - were tough for me to get the corners tucked in properly - hmpf)
4. I love Amy Butler even more than before (ok - her patterns - psycho)
5. Timetex just might be what the sewing MD prescribes for my fledgling iPod cover (yipee)
6. I need longer stronger pins. I bent quite a few ... any suggestions? (%*&$#)
7. Blood rises quickly to the point of puncture (**$#&$#+#^@!!!)

I plan to use this bag to hold my knitting ... you know, the knitting I haven't picked up in a month now. But who's keeping track? I've been spending my evenings reading instead of trying to master the pain purl stitch. Only so much time in the day ... maybe if I got off the computer ...


Anonymous said...

Adrienne, it's gorgeous!

Lola...again said...

That bag is amazing...and Timtex is REALLY stiff! Thanks for your concern, and prayers for my family!!!

Kris said...

Pretty, pretty!! I tend to use Peltex - a little thinner (and cheaper). Re: pins, I use the long ones w/ yellow balls at the end but still manage to bend some. Nature of the beast :)