Monday, January 14, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

John goes down for his nap half an hour earlier than Henry. That is when we whip out the 'choke-ables' and non-John toys. Henry got this cash register for Christmas from Magin Cabin and loves it! Today I was counting his money and trying to explain to him what each bill was. After I told him about the $1 he said "Let's take this and put it in the basket at church." He has been paying attention! Yippee! I had to explain it was play money but made sure I got him a real $1 to save to take to church.
On another note, John and I went to my favorite store (Wal-Mart - sad to say) on Sunday after church and he had had about all he could take. He was worn out. So, I did what most moms who had planned poorly and had not one toy in her purse or even a crumb for a snack. I gave him my cell phone. All went well until suddenly I realized that he didn't have it in his hands anymore...and it wasn't next to him....or in the pockets of the shopping cart cover...or in the back with the groceries...panic began to set in. I started to retrace the aisles I had been phone. I stopped again to check the cart and realized that I was blocking the aisle. The couple I inadvertently cut off were very kind and when I apologized and told them what I was doing they offered to call me. Ha! They called my number and sure enough...we heard it ringing. John was sitting on it! Little stinker. Relief. I'll make sure that on my next outing I am well stocked with entertainment and food for the animals.

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