Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I've been tagged by my blogging / Holiday Traditions friend Gill and I'm supposed to tell you 7 things you don't know about me...this could be dangerous ;-)

1) I get very anxious whenever I drive over a bridge that goes over water - hate it actually - I do better if I am driving but white knuckle it the whole way. If I'm the passenger, I've been known to close my eyes until we're over it

2) I am slightly hard of hearing in my left ear

3) I've never had to wear a cast but have broken several bones (collar bone, a few fingers and toes...I'm a klutz)

4) I used to never get motion sickness but now I can't even turn around in the car without getting woozy [I was known to ride the SOOPERDOOPERLOOPER over and over and over as a kid]

5) I have a graduate certificate in gerontology

6) I cannot stand the smell of Pine-Sol

7) I could eat pizza every day for every meal and not get sick of it

Sooo...who to pass this "award" onto? I think I'll tag Kris, who inspired me to get my sewing machine back out and to join the blogging world. I know she is on vacation so the tagging will be slightly delayed...

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Pinkie Cupcake said...

I am the same over bridges! And if we have to walk over a bridge (or even go on a Pier) my legs go like jelly.