Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Turn The Page ... Tuesday

This is one of those books that has been on my shelf for .... well, I don't really know how long; and when I finished reading While My Sister Sleeps (actually listening too - I got it on disc from the library and then ~bonus~ realized it was on my TBR shelf!) I wondered why it took me so long.

I am an only child so I don't know what it's like to have sibling rivalry, comrodery, and someone in your corner when you are plotting against your parents (did I just really type that?!). Robin, Molly, and Chris do have each other but sadly it takes a family tragidy to show them that. Robin, the 'star' of the family, Molly, the 'steady Eddie', and Chris the 'quite, sullen' one have to overcome sibling rivalry, past relationships, and family dynamics to ultimately honor the wishes of someone close to their heart.

Without giving away anything but ... having worked in heath care for many years BK (before kids), While My Sister Sleeps certainly raises issues that no matter what your age - 20 - 45 - 82 - you should make your wishes known (preferably in writing). Give the gift of life.

You won't be sorry if you add this to your growing list of reads - it's a good one.

My next book was one of those kindle emails promoting a book that seemed quite interesting (and it was inexpensive) - The Hangman's Daughter. For this review I decided to cut and paste what Amazon had to say:

"Set in the mid-1600s in the Bavarian town of Schongau, it features a hangman, Jakob Kuisl, who is asked to find out whether an ominous tattoo found on a dying boy means that witchcraft has come to town. This is no idle fiction. The German rulers were, at the time, heavily involved in the detection, prosecution, and execution of suspect witches. Pötzsch, who is descended from the real-life Kuisl family, does an excellent job of telling the story and supplying the historical backdrop. And his characters—Jakob, the hangman; his daughter, Magdalena; and Simon, the physician’s son—are extremely well drawn and believable."

The only disapointment ... the title of the book. Magdalena certainly is a leading character but I would argue not the focal point. Sadly, my only suggestion is to just call it "The Hangman" - not very creative but seems more appropriate after having read the story.

This was a very interesting take on politics, justice, medicine and the cast system. If you ever have doubts about our justice system or medical profession - rest assured - we are at least a bit better off than the day of the hangman!

I have never heard of this author until I pulled Garden Spells off the shelf in the library - and you can rest assured that I will be reading all her other books. A little bit of magic, an apple tree with a professstional baseball players aim, and a lot of family secrets makes for an engaging read. Two sisters, Claire and Sydney, learn to forgive, love, and ultimately find peace within their world, with each other, and their garden. Engaging, funny, and heartbreaking at times - you will be glad you read this one too ;-)

Now don't be shy ... what's got you putting on your reading glasses these days? Did you read one from your TBR shelf?

PS - Blogger is not letting me check spelling - grrrr.


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

That "Hangman..." book sounds a creepy. I remember being completely freaked out after we read "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson. Some books stay with you for a long time. Your other choices sound more up my alley.

Paula said...

I LOVED "Garden Spells"! She actually has four books out now and I am two behind, but must hurry and read the others. They are such fun reads.

Paige said...

Oh wow, it's TTPT already??!! You've had your nose in a few good ones...I'll have to get my act together here this morning and post about the latest one I read.

Stacey's Treasures said...

All three of these sound like good books. I have read "Garden Spells" & very much enjoyed it!

Sara said...

Garden Spells sounds good...I'll add it to my list!

Debi said...

I love Barbara Delinsky and this is one of her books that I have not read! To the TBR list it goes! Gardent Spells sounds good too... not too sure about The Hangman's Daughter.

Sara said...

I just realized I put up on old link on this TTPT post. So, I added my current one just now. Duh!

Ruth said...

Hopefully, I can join in again next month. I have been doing a lot of reading for homeschool and haven't had much time for fun reading.


Dottie @ Tadlafleur said...

Thank you for hosting this. I have gotten good inspiration for new reads. I have added my list once. I will need to do it again soon.