Monday, May 2, 2011

April Photo Scavenger Hunt

 a church

a cross
(look closely ... see it now?)

something to do with St. George's Day
(according to wikipedia it was once a custom to wear a red rose on your lapel)

a sculpture

explaination of the sculpture

a set of keys

april showers


something yellow

something to do with shakespeare

an unusual shop name

I missed out on two of the photo's this month - breakfast and my camera. I just couldn't get it together. But no worries! There are plenty of other great photos to check out at the flickr group. Thanks Kathy for hosting another great month!


I know it's been quite around here but Turn the page .... Tuesday is still happenin' tomorrow. Can't wait to see where your nose has been ;-)


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Cool pictures Adrienne! I like the cross picture...very creative!

My nose has not been in a book, but in a quilt! Just as good, I'd say!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Why is there catfish on the termite guys truck?

My favorite is the bottle tree. I want one SSSOOO BAD!!!