Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Goin' Old School

I'm a tad bit majorly disorganized.


Gone is the superwoman who could organize mounds of paper in a single flick of the wrist.

Gone is she who could manage her 'world' in folders and files and computer documents.

I don't have time.

I don't have much of a memory left.

So I went back to school.

Meet my 'portfolio' -

A three ring binder with 16 pocketed dividers

One for each month and then some. I have begun a collection of word searches, coloring pages, and miscellaneous stuff that I stumble upon the internet (always bookmarking and then totally forgetting about it) that gets filed in it's proper place. 

I also have various lists of supplies I have on hand, decorations, random gifts, and what I need/wish to acquire. Books and videos that we own and the ones we would like to check out at the library again come their time make the cut too. See, I have tubs in the basement for most of the seasons/holidays (IE: Valentines and St. Patrick's Day are combined) and I often always forget what I've got. I've tried various 'organizatoinal' methods but inevitably end up ... well, disorganized.

I keep my calender up to date on my phone so it's always with me and I finally figured out (after 3 yrs) how to sync my 'notes'.

I broke down and bought a do-it-yourself calendar that I have on my fridge for all to see (mostly me) so there can be no "I didn't know you/we/I had that appointment/commitment/party".

So far so good.

I figure you can't teach this old dog new tricks so I did what I had been taught back in the day.

How about you - are you old school too?


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

organization? i fear it sounds like a disease that i have mostly avoided... *ahem*... but now i'm learning that dis-organization is the disease because it steals my time and mental energies...

however, there is this 80lb. puppy in the house who LOVES to steal papers, folders, books from my office all the time!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am totally impressed! I used to be ~sighs~ and am now trying to get back into the habit.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Definitely old school. I work out of a 5-year calendar at work so I don't forget to carrying things over from year to year. Hey, it works so I don't even question it.

Debi said...

I cannot count the number of organization methods I have tried. I finally got a bill paying system that works for me, but everything else is still a mess!

Sara said...

Last year I went to a digital calendar and it helped, but I also missed things I would have seen on a standard calendar. So this year, I made a calendar (for free!) on Shutterfly and have it by the front door. Now the trick is to remember to transfer important info from the computer screen to the paper version!

Paige said...

I'm totally Old School all the way. I buy a new calendar once a year and keep track of our commitments and my work schedule on there; I also have a chalboard in the kitchen were I write our to-do's for the day for all to see. It works for me!