Friday, February 11, 2011

Divide And Conquer

It was getting a bit crowded in my duffel bag pocket book.

I was almost always guaranteed to pull out the wrong thing.

Looking for glasses?
Would pull out lip stuff.

Need tissues?
How about a notebook.

You get the picture. It was time to divide and conquer.

But before I show you my solution ... let me share with you what was in my suitcase

1 - folding hair brush with mirror - never know when you might need to spruce up
2 - Tide to go mini - two boys - one hubby - no explanation needed
3 - my favorite hand balm - it's the balm
4 - highlighters - ie: small markers for my little artists
5 - reading glasses - I can't believe that I actually have to carry readers in my purse!!!
6 - tape measure - one never knows when they might need to size something up
7 - what was once my 'list' keeper is now my artist's pallet
8 - can you believe that I actually have something to write with?!
9 - couldn't even remember what was in this case ... a nail file/clipper kit - I have no idea where it came from
10 - something I spend way too much time with
11 - don't know how this managed to make it to February untouched - not anymore ;-)
12 - with the winter we've had I'm surprised I even had any of these left in my purse
13 - again - with the winter we've had ... Altoids and hand sanitizer - what would we do without you?
14 - necessities. nuff said.
15 - the wallet that is forever empty ;-)
16 - lip stuff (for boys and girls) and lip gloss (for mommies)

So ... without further ado - here is my bag in all it's new found glory

organized and sassy thanks to a size small organizer from a fabulous Etsy seller who was divine to work with.

Are you ready to Divide and Conquer?


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

We could trade purses and neither of us would know it. The only thing is -- I only have a dollar in change in my wallet.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

It's the balm.....hhhaaahhhaaahhhaaaa.

I carry a tape measure too!

I love how you conquered it all! I'm ready!

Sara said...

Tape measure, check! Note paper that was recommisioned, check! Etc! That was a fun post.

Stacey's Treasures said...

I did that to my office last week. It was getting so messy. Papers & Christmas stuff laying all over. Maby it will stay organized for a little while.