Friday, September 24, 2010

In Case You Are Sitting There Wondering

Where has my day gone?

  • Up at 5 am to the gym
  • Coffee for Rocky
  • Tea for me
  • Fruit smoothies for the boys
  • Two boys up, one ready, both fed, one practiced violin and out to school, one stayed in pj's most of the day
  • Two batches of tuna salad (one with sweet relish - one without)
  • One batch of egg salad
  • Laundry
  • Legos
  • PTO stuff (parent teacher organization)
  • Lunch (can you guess what I ate ...)
  • Convinced youngest spawn to put on real clothes
  • Read to youngest spawn
  • Quiet time for all
  • Wrote this blog post
  • Got ready for eldest son to arrive home
Will I finish my slippers?

I did! Only one is more like a flip flop ... when I walk the heel keeps coming off. Drats.
Here is the link to the Ravelry page.
And it hit 90 degrees yesterday ...

Have I spent too much time on Ravelry looking at blankets ...
Um ... ya. Waaaayyy too much time. I have a few links to share but that's for another post ;-)

Will I ever have a dinning room table that fits our style and the size of the room? (long story - a post in of itself)

Looks like the light is at the end of the tunnel (and will fit our room/budget). Hope fully I will be able to share soon ...

Am I going to be sore tomorrow? (I ran 2 slow miles today and lifted weights after a 3 month sabbatical)

I wasn't ... ask me how I feel today (after 3 days this week in the gym) ... let's just say I took a nap this afternoon (and some ibprofin).

Do I drink to much hot tea?

Did I really worry about that?! There's never too much hot tea.

Is doing 3 days worth of Bible study (Joshua for those inquiring minds) in 45 minutes bad?

Hmmm ... still hoping to do daily study but well ... you know.

When will my crazy (for reals people - like had to get the police involved kinda crazy) neighbor's house sell?

Soon. Please, please, please pretty please with a cherry on top.

Do I really want to eat what I planned for dinner? (grilled chicken over lettuce with red onion and sweet peppers ... I know - yummy but just not exciting)

No. We didn't eat it. And now I don't even remember what we pulled out. Pitiful.

What Henry is thinking right now.

Seeing how he was at recess when I wrote this post he was probably wondering if he was going to play kickball or let the girl who has a crush on him chase him around ... (can you believe this stuff starts this young?)

Has Rocky's day been relatively stress free?

If it was stressfull he didn't share - all smiles when he got home.

Why John is so quiet.

He was in my closet playing with my shoes ... all of them.

How I got so darn lucky ...

I wonder this everyday - even when I'm burnt - I have so much to give thanks for.

So tell me ... who plays with your shoes?


Stacey's Treasures said...

It seems no one ever plays with my shoes except me, but I do play with them alot. They shouldn't get to lonely in the closet.

queen of everything said...

my princess loves my red plaid heels, and my lil man loves the slippers i made for myself. you are one busy lady. i love ravelry, and spend way to much time on there. hope you are having a great weekend. thanks for the sweet comment, and i'm seeing the beginnings of a rainbow.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Diesel and Molly LOVE my shoes. They lay on them and rub all over them.

I love hearing about all of this friend. For reals.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You're putting in a full day....I'm sighing at the fact that you have to make two kinds of tuna salad. Sounds like my house. I hope your weekend was restful.

Ally Johnston said...

The cat right now to let me know how unhappy he is at being left alone all the time.

Sara said...

I love this post! A day in a mama's life. My little boy isn't playing with my shoes--we both have colds and we are watching Olivia on Sprout. Well, he's watching Olivia.