Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm Sitting Here Wondering

Where has my day gone?

Will I finish my slippers? (might as well tell you what it is since I haven't the slightest clue when I will ... not like it was hard to figure out but you know ... makes for good blog fodder. all I need to do is sew them up. That's it. Good thing it's still in the 80's here)

Have I spent too much time on Ravelry looking at blankets and what is the best way to say thank you for all the great suggestions? So, um ... Thank you!

Will I ever have a dinning room table that fits our style and the size of the room? (long story - a post in of itself)

Am I going to be sore tomorrow? (I ran 2 slow miles today and lifted weights after a 3 month sabbatical)

Do I drink to much hot tea?

Is doing 3 days worth of Bible study (Joshua for those inquiring minds) in 45 minutes bad?

When will my crazy (for reals people - like had to get the police involved kinda crazy) neighbor's house sell?

Do I really want to eat what I planned for dinner? (grilled chicken over lettuce with red onion and sweet peppers ... I know - yummy but just not exciting)

What Henry is thinking right now.

Has Rocky's day been relatively stress free?

Why John is so quiet.

How I got so darn lucky ...

What are you wondering about?


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Love this post.....

I wonder why you are making slippers in this heat.

I wonder if I will ever get all of this paper work off my desk.

I wonder if I will ever get to fall in love again.

I wonder if it is wrong to eat carne asada tacos 4 times in one week.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You have a lot on your mind....I wonder what my college child is doing right now. Hopefully studying.

Paige said...

I'm wondering if I should head on up to bed now, or if I should knit a few rows on something or read a chapter in my book first. Also wondering what the weather forecast is for tomorrow, as I'd like to get out in the yard and do a little work.
Great post, btw!

angela said...

I wonder if I'll be this sore after day 2 of Jillian's 30DayShred
Yikes! And about the hot tea...if it's green tea then it should be great for your metabolism!