Monday, August 16, 2010

Well Kindle My Timbers

It happened.

I actually held (and read from ~shudders~) from a Kindle.

And I liked it (gasp).

Good thing I have over 60 alot of books waiting for me on my bookshelf, an equal amount or more on my 'to read/library list (not to mention zero in dispensable cash) to deter an impulse buy.

It all began after I finished my book while at the beach. I hated to buy another book when I have so many at home waiting for me. Then my girlfriend whipped out her Kindle. On the beach. And showed me her list. She's my go to girl when I am searching for a good read and she knows that I've been a wee bit very resistant to the whole electronic book thing. I worked in a library for three years in college, my mom is a librarian ... I just love the feel, the smell of a real book. Call me crazy.

And then I looked at her list.

I could begin reading any book I wanted. Right then and there.

Oh boy.

So I did.

And when I got home I promptly went out and bought the book (too long of a wait list at the library ... see I am an instant gratification girl after all). Oh yeah ... finihsed that and now on to book two of the series (so much for pinching pennies).

Then to make it worse ... we started talking books and I recommended a few from our TTPT reads. Again, on the beach, logged in and added them to her favorites. No more forgetting what was a 'good read'.

Well Kindle my timbers ... I'm a little rattled!

What about you? Have your timbers been Kindled?


periwinkle said...

I've never even heard of a Kindle lol

The WoodLand School said...

I just got a Kindle a few weeks ago. Oh! My! I'm a former English major who loves nothing more than musty bookstores and stacks of books. But wow! The ability to get books through thin air (in the middle of the night!) *and* read them with one-handed is just too wonderful. I'm surprised by how much I love my Kindle ... but it's verging on obsession :-)

angela said...

We've got a Nook here. It's nice and it's full of books...but I, too, love the feel and smell of an actual book! Okay, it's really the hubby's, but he added a few books for me. Great for vacation!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I have never even held on! Dang, you hang out with the popular rich kids. ~grins~

Debi said...

I am a computer teacher so one would think that I would jump right on the Kindle wagon, but I just can't let go of my books. My daughter turned me on to Paperbackswap online and am trading my books for new ones. All for the price of postage.

Joy said...

We just had the Kindle conversation at our house. Hubby is upgrading his and wanted me to have his old one. I love to write all over my books though. I know it is a bad habit but I just can't seem to stop writing thoughts and underlining. ;) I love the idea of a Kindle but just can't seem to leave my pen behind. Hubby loves his though!!!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Ha -- you and Courtney! I'm going to hold out. For how long is anyone's guess. My youngest keeps tempting me and downloads books on his ipod touch. I. Will. Not. Be. Sucked. In.

Plain and Joyful Living said...

I just can't wrap my brain around this idea....
Good for the environment, though.

Jackie: said...

I have a Kindle. I didn't even know I wanted one. My husband got me one for a gift. He researched it all on his own and bought it. At first I felt bad because I too LOVE holding books (I didn't want this new contraption but I didn't want to hurt his feelings), marking books and smelling books. But I have learned to LOVE my Kindle. But I do still buy books occasionally that I know I will want to mark up or pass along!

Andrea :: Tic Tac Twins' Mama said...

I love my kindle!!!!! It's great for traveling plus I can store tons of books in very little space! Don't get me wrong, I love the feel and smell of a real book...but the pros of the kindle far surpass the need for a real book! Having twins - it makes reading much easier (no torn pages, no dragging the kids to a bookstore, purchase books at midnight and read them instantly). Bliss!