Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Fought The Law

And it sorta won.

I know I know - that's not how the song goes but I'm talking some blogging liberties ;-)

Rocky (that is my new name for DH - he never believed me when I told him that DH stood for darling husband) and I had a Derby party to go to and I needed to make something for May(d) For Me! sooooo ... another sombrero was in order.

The pattern calls for 3 layers of cotton duck (or something of similar weight) for the brim. I decided I would use what I had on hand since I splurged on real linen for the hat; an interfacing that I thought was the same constancy as the duck. All went well in assembling the hat and I liked how it didn't seem so heavy. That should have been my first clue. Here's a before the party picture:

Rocky looks like he is thrilled doesn't he? You might recognize the Japanese Knot bag if you've been around here for a while.

It was really, really, really windy at the party. Other than that it was a beautiful afternoon. The sky was clear and the warmth of the sun was kept in check by the not so subtle breeze. I often cursed myself for wearing a ~white~ slip under my black dress. I had one hand on my hat and well, I should have een holding down my skirt but those mint juleps were so goooood. What.was.I.thinking. Anyhoo ... back to the law and the hat. By the time the party was over my hat had flip flopped everywhere and was annoyingly lying on one side of my face - flat as a pancake. It was totally out of hand. Kind of like this:

Ok. Maybe not that wild ... at least she is still smiling! The way my hat was contorted you could only see half my face - arg! All I could think of was having to undo the whole hat. Jack and I would meet again after all.

That night I sadly set my hat down on the ottoman thinking of the not so quality time we were about to spend together and sighed ... and then something remarkable happened the next morning. It had regained it's shape.

We'll I'll be ... looks like I'm on parole. You can count your stitches that I'll be a law abiding seamstress from now on. Tell me ... are you innocent or have you fought the law too?


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

a derby party?! i love it!!! you looked smashing dahling...

angela said...

Love the red hat! Ah, the knot bag...I love those. I've made several as gifts but not a single one for myself. Sounds like a May(d) for me project. Now if I could just find some extra time lying around.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Wonderful hat -- and would you believe that I've never had a mint julip? I must find that little Southern belle in me. And as far as the law goes -- consider me a repeat offender.

Stacey's Treasures said...

That wild hat is just darling!
I'm a bad instuction reader & sometimes realy mess things up. they usualy end up in the garbage.

Paige said...

Oh, I feel like I fight the law every time I sit down to sew. Oh, and when I'm cooking, too, cause I always gotta make just a few modifications and adjustments. But you looked just lovely in your red hat! I'm glad to hear that it came to it's senses and shaped-up!

Paula said...

You guys look so dapper! Sounds like a great party except for the flat hat syndrome. By the way, I LOVE the hat! It would never even occur to me to make something like that. You did great!

Ruth said...

You look great with that dress and hat. So very stylish.

Your story is too funny. I would not be brave enough to even try to make myself a hat.