Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Turn the page ... Tuesday

I was lucky in February. I had quite a bit of time to put my feet up and read by the fire after the kiddos went to bed. Thank you mother nature.

I did meet February's challenge of reading a Turn the page ... Tuesday reviewed book (good thing since I'm the host!). I had added Undiscovered Country to my reading list back in October of 2009 when I read Paige's review and this gave me a great excuse to finally get to it.

Sadly our library did not have a copy but Better World Books did; and I am so glad. This has been added to my list of pretty darn good reads if you ask me. I won't duplicate what Paige has already said but I will recommend that you add this to your list of need-to-read-soon. There are quite a few twists and turns and I was pleased that I could not figure out the ending until it was time for me to do so. I love a book like that.

To say I didn't' like Excellent Women would be to harsh. It just wasn't the kind of English humor that I was expecting. I was hoping this would be more along the lines of Diary of a Provincial Lady but it wasn't quite up to par. The premise is that 'excellent women' (those who are not married but should be) are often overlooked. They are such kind, giving, pious people but somehow aren't hitched. We are taken on a ride with Mildred, an excellent woman indeed, while she helps some very entertaining characters. This was an enjoyable read but not what I had anticipated so I was let down just a bit.

I have had Mozart And The Whale on my radar for a loooong time. I think I actually embedded it to my memory from way back in the day when I actually read magazines and had seen a review; what could this book be all about? In today's society it's hard to not know someone who is affected by some form of Autism. Jerry and Mary (who wrote the book about their journey) had unbelievable odds to overcome - and I don't just mean because they have Asperger's. They grew up in a time when little was known and the 'help' they got was little next to none. They grew up feeling isolated, different and, like freaks. They had no one to turn to; their parents had their own battles to wage and could not (and most likely didn't know what to do) advocate for their child who was difficult to manage. This book really make my heart ache for those who have suffered because of lack of education - lack of support - lack of understanding. Jerry and Mary still have their struggles but have done great things to help those who are affected by Autism and Asperger's. It's a book that will open your eyes - for better or worse.

So back when I was disillusioned (still am - I'm just hanging in there for now) with the blogger site, it was suggested by a few of my virtual friends that I check out Blogging For Bliss. Well, it never hurts to take a bit of advice - I actually bought the book at a retail store (shudder) but I'm glad I did. I enjoyed it. It helped me refocus a bit ... Why do you blog? Is it for pleasure, is it for business, is it for family far away to keep up with you and yours? She has some amazing interviews with many of the 'top bloggers' out there and the answers to their "whys". There are also quite a few tips on how to set up a blog and a mini review of each of the blog providers. I wish this book was out when I began blogging - it definitely would have taken some of the frustration away of trying to get my blog to come together. I'm hanging on to this book for some time - there's a whole lot a bloggin' going on out there and I want to check it out!

And speaking of blogging ... check out these bloggers to see what they've read!
Next month is the one year anniversary of Turn the page ... Tuesday! I have a little give away planned that I will announce at next months TTPT ;-)


Jill said...

I'm in! It might be late tonight that I get my post up (silly thing called "work" getting in the way of my Blogging Bliss).

Can't wait to see what everyone read this month!

Paula said...

Some good reads on your list this month. I've had Undiscovered Country on my list since Paige's review also. Must get it...
Mozart and the Whale sounds like a really good and interesting read. Onto the list it goes.
I have Blogging For Bliss and need to dig it out and really read it. So far I've only skimmed it, but picked up a couple of good tips in just that little bit.
Happy March Reading!~

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Hey Adrienne -- I'm a little late this morning, but my book is out there now. And I love "Blogging for Bliss." I read the whole thing, cover to cover. Very good information. Oh - and I'm with Paula, I think "Mozart and the Whale" sounds really good. As always, thanks for hosting this.

Sara said...

I've been eying that blogging book for a while now, and your review makes me want to finally invest in a copy...thanks!

Ruth said...

Great reads. I have more to add to my list.

I put a TTPT post on my blog.

I have purchased Blogging for Bliss but have not had a chance to read it yet.

Debi said...

I'm in... late as usual! I Have Blogging with Bliss and refer to it often. Undiscovered Country is going in my book of books to read.

Stacey's Treasures said...

I've got to read "Undiscovered Country"
Paula gave me "Blogging for Bliss" for Christmas. When it arrived my computer was in the shop so I havn't done much with this book. I can see it has allot of insperation & good advice in it.

Paige said...

Ooo! You read it! I'm so glad you liked Undiscovered Country - it's one of my new faves, too.
I'd like to check out Blogging for Bliss, too - it's on my radar!

It's A Wonderful said...

I've missed reading your blog! Somehow, I got sidetracked.

I'm with you, I wish I had read Blogging For Bliss prior to starting my blog...why do I do everything backwards?

I just finished Fried Green Tomatoes (the book, not eating them!) and it was wonderful. I happened upon it while cleaning at my mom's. Saw the movie, had to read the book. Loved it!

luci said...

Jill might have been late with work getting in the way of her blogging bliss but my blogging seems to bypass me during the week! The Mozart and the whale book seems a really good one!