Saturday, October 11, 2008

Diary Of A Provincial Lady

This was such a delightful book. One of you wonderful bloggers had read this not too long ago but I cannot for the life of me remember who. It was you who peaked my curiosity and lead me to add this to my always increasing reading list. Upon a rare occasion that I was childless, I had the opportunity to brows through a local bookstore's used book section ... lo and behold ... Diary Of A Provincial Lady presented herself to me for all of $3.95. Perfect. Now, I must say, just for the record, I did indeed look to our local library when I first discovered this book ~ and they didn't have it! I must make mention of this to them (my mom works at the library - he he).

I think the only way to do justice to this book is to quote the text itself. (DOAPL is set in the English countryside during the 1930's.) This passage has the two children together after one has returned home from school for the holidays:

Customary rather touching display of affection between Robin and Vicky much to the fore, and am sorry to feel that repeated experience of holidays has taught me not to count for one moment upon it's lasting more than twenty-four hours - if that.

(Query: Does motherhood lead to cynicism? This contrary to every convention of art, literature, or morality, but cannot altogether escape conviction that answer may be in the affirmative.)

The mother's observations couldn't be more accurate ... and laugh out loud funny when you realize that she has spoken for most mothers out there.

I found myself doing just that; laughing out loud, often, and forcing my DH to listen while I read to him from the book. He did on occasion crack a smile ... especially after this witty observation from The Provincial Lady at the close of a very busy day:

(Query, mainly rhetorical: Why are non-professional women, if married and with children, so frequently referred to as "leisured"? Answer comes there none.)

Go ahead, get the book. It's a keeper. You know you are 'leisured' ... what ever else could you possibly have to do?


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I'm quite busy eating bon-bons myself :)

PS: just received your email about the fabric -will write tomorrow. It's been a crazy busy w/e!

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Hey I put up a blog about my Mom cause its her birthday. Go check it out!!!

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