Monday, October 19, 2009

So Much To Say

So little time.

I was hoping to post some craftiness today but I just haven't had time to take pictures and do the blog thing. We took a mini-vacation this weekend (more on that later) so I am bogged down with laundry/groceries/cooking (how does that happen when you were only gone 3 days?). So instead today you are going to get some rambling thoughts that I want you to know (and to remind myself later on that my days are full and good!).

I am jumping in:
  • Craft Hope has posted project number 5 - a quilt for homeless. I think my mom is even going to join in this one!

  • Bend the Rules Sewing has posted a new swap - semi simple pillows - you send a picture of the space you want the pillows for - LOVE IT!

I jumped up and down:

  • My armor/shield/dagger tutorial was featured on Craft Gossip - this is an awesome blog - lots of tutorials ... every day! Be still me beating heart ;-)

  • When my iPod wouldn't even turn on at the gym this morning

I jumped around:

  • Wal-Mart for all my groceries

  • My cat and John while I put the groceries away

  • The kitchen while I made 4 loaves of bread, pumpkin spice cake, from scratch potato soup, and prepared a salad

  • Trying to get the recycling to the curb (I think I missed them - rats!)

  • John (and the cat) while he tried to put stickers on me (and the cat)

and it's only 3:30 ... 4 loads to fold (but at least they are clean!), a meal to deliver to someone who just had a baby, sheets to change, and an artist I need to track down in iTunes.

I'll leave you with a picture from this weekend that makes me smile ...

Life IS good.


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Indeed life IS good! Aren't we the lucky ones to have kids and husbands and pets and laundry and meal planning to juggle all day? I wouldn't have it any other way!

That last picture seems to indicate a nice little vacation :)


Paula said...

Congrats on your cloak and dagger tutorial feature. That is so super cool!
Beautiful picture from your weekend. Makes all the jumping around worth it when you get home, doesn't it?!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

glad you had the getaway! sounds like you are one busy momma! and all that crafting and sewing... how DO you do it???

periwinkle said...

hope you had a lovely getaway, and haven't you been busy? Pumpkin spice cake sounds yummy

The Jolly Bee said...

Your day must be longer than 24 hours....How do you fit it all in? Seriously? Folding laundry is the WORST. I love hanging clothes out to dry. I don't mind taking them in. But folding....Not for me! And one more thing -- how do you find all these blogsites, swaps, etc. You must be a real pro.