Monday, September 28, 2009

Well I'll Be ...

A crocheted pocket book carrying fool ...

I finished it ... and just in time for the fall.

Can I have a high five?

I ended up making a completely different purse than the original one I had intended. Here are all the details:

  • The original pattern is from Knit or Crochet Have it Your Way but you can get it for free here.

  • I used Cotton Ease by Lion Brand - terracotta

  • I followed this tutorial by Future Girl to do the lining for the bag. I didn't care for how my version was going so I searched the Internet and found FG's. It's amazingly clear and easy - after a few stitches I was on a roll ... and it actually looks decent.

  • I used some fabric from my stash for the lining - Amy Butler's French Wall Paper.

  • I also used this knot for the first time upon Future Girl's urging. Again - awesome.

  • I turned the bag so the cables were vertical instead of horizontal (like the original pattern) and sewed the seams together with yarn (I turned the bag inside out to sew the seams).

  • I thread the yarn about two inches below the top of the bag and went all the way around until I ended up where I began. I then pulled both tails to make a slight gather and tied the heck out of it. I sewed the tails in to the bag to hide them.

  • Lastly, I sewed the handles on using the cables as my gauge for placement (placing them in between each cable). I didn't want the bag to sag so I attached the handles on the inside about 2 inches down.

I hope that all makes sense. It's funny how the final destination sometimes ends up being off the map. ;-) Who needs instructions when you can make up you own!


Joy said...

High FIVE to you! It looks GREAT!!!

heather jane said...

ou totally get a high five for this!! I love it. I love that lining fabric so much it hurts. I'm so huge into orange these days. And lets talk about cotton ease!! I'm such a huge fan of that yarn right now. Cheap, pretty, washable!!!, and knits up like a dream. (or crochets, I see). Nice. Love the project.

I'm thinking about a felted bag for this winter. Heh. We'll see. The list is pretty long.

Rachel said...

This is fantastic!

periwinkle said...

big high five -- well done , it;s lovely

Ruth said...

I love the bag. It looks great. I love the tutorial for the lining. It's awesome. Thanks for the link.


Paula said...

It turned out beautiful. Love that lining fabric you used!