Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Long Time No Post


My name is Adrienne.

I succumb to fits of random sewing, reading, crocheting, cooking and cleaning.

I seem to be having none of those impulses right now.

Oh wait! Wait! I do have something to share!!!! Melanie hosted a Cozy Crochet swap and I somehow mustered up the time to participate. Would you look at these great goodies that Ruth sent me:

Two magazines, a journal, mug filled with flavored teas (I'm thinking I see a big jug of sun tea brewing soon ...) and

four coasters, a tiny bowl, and a coffee cozy. I totally raked it in. I can't wait to sit down and read the magazines - they look like they have some great articles in them. She's so sweet!

Here's what I sent Ruth:

A market bag to keep her groceries nice and cozy (and green!).

A tea wallet and some tea for when she in on the go and needs a hot cup of something warm.

I do have a few other things that I've 'crafted' - just no pictures. Time seems to be my enemy these days. I'm still working on my little surprise project and have a few more things up my metaphorical sleeve (I'm referring of course to the shirts I hope to make before summer is over). I don't know if I will actually get any Christmas presents sewn this July or not ... but that's ok. I still have 164 more days left ;-)

All kidding aside, Ruth's stationary had the first few lines of the Serenity Prayer on it. Words to live by indeed. Here's to serenity, courage, wisdom ... and more time for crafting!


Ruth said...

I am so glad you like it all. It was so much fun. Glad I got to meet you through this swap. I posted pictures of the things you sent me on my blog, too.

Angela said...

Wow! you really did hit the jackpot on that one. The stuff you made for her looks great too. The tea wallet is great! I didn't know there was a tutorial out there...I saw one at Creative Kismet and just winged it when I made one for my mom. Anyway, yours turned out so cute. I gotta get going on a market bag...for reals!

Paige said...

Looks like that was a fun swap! I'm totally not in the mood for much of anything but putting my feet up and drinking wine lately. I've got sewing projects that need to get finished, er, started, and unfinished knitting coming out of my ears...no motivation to go with it all, though. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous swap goodies, love them! xxx