Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What's All The Buzz About

I recently participated in a Garden Swap hosted by Kerry of pennydog jewellery and I was partnered with Katharine of Wolly Wotnots. I really hit the big time. Katharine spoiled me beyond my wildest gardening dreams ... but first let's get to what I sent. I'll save the best for last.

I thrifted a pair of skorts to convert into a gardening apron. First things first, I cut out the shorts and then added bias tape so it wouldn't fray over time (so wish I had a serger ... sigh).

Then I cut out the zipper and added my own bias tape using this awesome Trefle Green Bee linen fabric.

What was the front of the original skorts have now become the back of the gardening apron.

Then I added a tie for the apron and looped it through the belt pocket to keep the apron from slipping.

Hopefully the only bees Katharine will tangle with in her garden will be the ones on her apron!

I also included wire bound journal, a dishcloth, and some gummy bears.

Now on to the mother load. Prepare yourself, I told you she spoiled me.

You still with me? I know, It's insane!!! Here's the skinny: hot pink flower bag, a paper potter, needlepoint pillow, gardening journal, cute tin (inside is gardening stakes), knitted flowers, napkins, puzzle, oregano, and bee's on a stick ...

It didn't take long to for my boys to make them fly! They are the cutest little things (I'm talking about the bees here ;-P)

Everything has found it's place in our home (and garden). I definitely got the better end of the deal this go round!

If you would like to see where Katharine got all my goods you can go here for the details.


Crystal said...

wow, that's a lot! I'm loving the pink flower bag!

Paige said...

Lucky you! And that's a cute gardening apron you made - very unique, and the bee fabric is super cute!

Joy said...

Wow! So many fun goodies being swapped! ;)

periwinkle said...

good job on the apron , love the bees - so cute

Michelle said...

WOW! I haven't swapped in awhile, and this totally makes me want to go out and sign up for one! I love the gardening apron you made.

Stacey's Treasures said...

Cool apron! I can't wait to get back to swapping.

35 and holding said...

I love the apron you made. very cute. now, if i only gardened you could make me one! LOL

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Love the garden apron! Aren't jeans just the greatest things, even after they can no longer be used as jeans? I think they are my favorite things to recycle.