Monday, March 16, 2009

Cuts Like A Knife

So ... I'm washing some of my fabric, ironing (which I only do for sewing), and preparing to tap into my inner Rotary Ninja for Day 1 of The Mystery Purse Sew Along ... I decided to make a paper pattern of the large piece that I have to cut 6 times. So far so good. I lay out my main fabric, get my pattern and rotary ready ... but wait ... some thing doesn't look right. My pattern is not going to fit they way it should. Ok, maybe I turned the fabric and have it laying the wrong way. Nope. Is my pattern correct? Yup.

It can't be. Did I order the wrong amount of fabric? Nope. I was short changed by 5 inches. 5 inches!!!!! Ok. Deep breath. Not the end of the world - yet.

I called Quilt Home (knowing their website says they are closed on Saturday but I was desperate) and they answered. They are shipping out another yard to me today. How's that for customer service!

I went ahead and cut out the lining fabric so I'd be ready to play catch-up when my new yard arrives. I figured since I had all my stuff out (my table was trashed) I would keep on going'. I cut out what I needed for the Charming Handbag for the BTRS.

Exterior: CABBAGE ROSE - peachypink

Lining: STRIPE - peachypink

I love these fabrics!


Angela said...

holy fabric freak-out batman! I'm so glad that you'll be getting your new fabric soon. It's a good think you measured twice before you cut once!

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

Major fabric downer moment! But never fear! You can use what you've got until the rest gets here. You won't really need it for a few days anyway!

Joy said...

Wow! That is a little frustrating but I am glad that the replacement fabric is on its way! Yippee! Can't wait to see the finished product!!!

heather jane said...

That would have been a *huge* bummer. I'm glad they are sending you the missing link.

I'm intrigued by this mystery sew along. May have to go check it out.