Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Confessions Of A Drive-Thru Mom

Photo from McDonalds.com

I must confess. I take my kids to McDonald's. Actually, I take then by McDonald's ... we go through the drive-thru and I pass french fries back as I drive.

I know.


As much healthy food I (try) to pump into my kids (whole wheat / oat pancakes, fruit smoothies, organic {insert food}, whole food/vitamin supplement ...) I somehow have lapsed into going through the golden arches after a doctors visit. So counter productive. Needless to say we have had a terrible week that began with Henry having a fever of 104 at 2 AM Saturday. Now DH is down for the count (has been since Monday).

It's been ugly.

In the past two weeks, I've taken John once, Henry once and after having to give Henry a breathing treatment last night you can rest assured that we are heading back again today. I've contributed greatly to economy. I've decided that doctors and McDonald's are immune to the recession.

So ... amidst all the fevers, coughing, and nose blowing I've had a few chuckles that helped ease my drive-thru mommy guilt temporarily. Here's a few of our conversations:

John, Henry, and I in examining room for John:

MD - John looks great - all is clear. I'd just keep him on his allergy meds - this is all allergy related.

Me - Great. Thanks. Ok - boys - let's go.

John - MCDONALD'S!!!!

Henry and I in car after MD appointment; DH is officially sick and in the bed:

Me: Do you want a cheeseburger happy meal?

Henry: Yes. No fries. You know how they make me sick. They are not like our fries daddy makes. They are not good for you.

Me: ok

Henry: Daddy wants a quarter pounder with cheese ... will they ask if you need a toy for a boy and for a man?

An hour later ... Henry is home with DH and I'm picking up John from preschool:

John (as he climbs in my car): French fries. French fries. FRENCH FRIES!!!

Me: John, I don't have any french fries. I don't have any to give you.

John: FRENCH FRIES! tears ...

Me: Oh. You smell french fries.

John: tears ... Yes ... tears ... smell french sniff sniff fries
sigh. We must see the light (or the grease) during these trying times. Here's to heath and wellness ... and no more McDonald's!


Angela said...

sometimes french fries make me feel better, too :o) I hope your guys are feeling better.

Joy said...

Hope that everyone is on the mend soon! There is nothing like good french fries!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Y'all are having a time over there... I hope everyone is feeling better soon, and you certainly have the right to a few drive-thru's in these circumstances!

Paige said...

We are not immune to the occasional McDonald's run, either. It's just so convenient when we've been on the run and the idea of going home and putting together (yet another) meal sounds like torture. Personally, I love their fries..!

Stacey's Treasures said...

I've tried to kick the habit, but sometimes just can't resist the grease bombs.
I hope everyone is feeling better.