Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love Is In The Air

I'll tell ya. I love me a good swap. Nothing like getting a package in the mail filled with goodies. Mindy hosted a Valentine Swap and I jumped right in. Bunny Bunster the Queen of Medium Maintenance (that title just cracks me up) and I were paired up and I got right to work. We both agreed that we were chocolate kinda gals so off to the store I went. I stumbled upon a giant Hershey's kiss and new that was a must. My dad used to live in Hershey, PA and as a kid I had season passes to the park and I would always come home with huge Hershey's kisses for my friends.

I figured since Bunny was only medium maintenance (as opposed to high) a little pampering might be in order. I included my favorite hand balm. I also thought she might enjoy her underthings staying under wraps ... and since this was a Valentines Day swap I pulled out some fabric appropriate for the occasion.

I also made two note cards. One of which I used to write her a note and an extra for Bunny to use for her Valentine.

I just cut hearts out from the fabric with my pinking shears and straight stitched them onto the card.

Now as I was typing up this post (I knew Bunny had gotten her loot) the mail man came a knockin'. Shew weee! I've got enough sugar to keep me high for some time. Heart Peeps, Hershey's chocolate bars, and Brach's conversation hearts. And when I come down to earth ...

Fun socks to keep me warm.

This sweet little number is on my front door

And this awesome plaque is in my sewing room

All I have to say is, Bunny,


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Both of you did so great!!! I love all that she sent to you. I love what you sent to her!

And that last photo is just tooooo cool!!!

I think I might have to steal it from you if I might. That would look so cool on a Valentine card!

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked everything! Keep your tooties warm!!

Michelle said...

What a fun swap! I need to hurry up and finish "my" projects so I can get swapping again!

periwinkle said...

excellent swaps on both sides - now I get the Herscheys :-)
lisa x

Joy said...

How fun!!! I love that heart fabric!!!

Paige said...

Hey there, I love your new header! And aren't swaps fun? Looks like you were in a good one - check out all those goodies!