Monday, February 9, 2009


I was inspired by my bloggy friend's post to get on the ball and finish something I had started a loooong time ago; organizing my recipes. I had this delusion that I would also make a spread sheet that listed all my cookbooks with my favorite recipes for easy access ... um, ya, right. Don't see that happenin' anytime soon. So I began with what I could accomplish; getting all my random pieces of paper classified and filed.

I decided to take all those loose recipes and cards and put them in vinyl and then in a folder. For those that were small and awkward (most) I glued them to a piece of colored paper. For those that were double sided but too small for the large vinyl sheet, I put in these.
I did run across a few items that stumped me. Like what do you file deviled eggs under? Vegetables? Appetizers? Random (Not Good For You) Goodness?
I use a spiral notebook to write down all the random UFO's (unidentified food objects) that are in my freezer. This way I know what I've got - 1 whole fryer, 1 serving of tacos. 1 bag of broccoli ... you get the picture. I also write on my storage container with a dry erase pen the date and what the UFO is so when I purge ... you know ... like a year later I can throw it away ... so efficient ;-)

I did chuck quite a few into the trash that I knew would never get made and rediscovered a few favorites like this one:

As you can see it has been well loved (and that we are very messy cooks)! Sorry the print is so small. If you copied the picture you could then enlarge it - it's a time consuming recipe but it is soooo yummy.

So tell me if you can, what's your most well loved recipe ... or is it classified?


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I have 2 that are so special to me. The first is my mom's gingersnap recipe that she is very famous for. It is written in her handwriting and it is ingredient smeared.

The second is my grandmother's Red Velvet Cake. It is my favorite cake in the world. It is also in her handwriting and she passed away in 2001.

They are both stored in my treasure box.

I am impresses. All of my recipes are in big binders. No rhyme or reason but at least all together.

Joy said...

Great job organizing!!! The favorite recipe changes around here pretty often but for right now it is a pasta Alfredo.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

well... mom's banana bread which i can never, ever seem to make taste like hers! aurgh...

and then i'll be cooking for someone *nudge nudge* on valentine's day... oh my!

but the killer recipe is for cappucino cheesecake with a walnut nut... yummo!