Thursday, October 30, 2008

Loose Ends

Several things I've been meaning to blog about ... I haven't completely dropped off the creative wagon. Here goes:

Periwinkle had hosted a magazine swap (such a cool idea) and these are the goodies I got from Louise:

These are the best. It's so much fun seeing what the trends are in another country. I am sooo enjoying these. I made it very clear to DH that none of these are to make it to the recycling bin until I put them in there ;-)
Mindy hosted a Halloween swap and Hot Cup Lutheran sent me these amazing goodies:

Paula Deen, chocolate, coffee - can't go wrong there ... and she painted me that picture - isn't it amazing! Here's what I sent her:

I modified the Gratitude Wrap. If I get my act together I'll post the changes. No bias tape for starters!

Since she is an artist I thought she would enjoy a little 'to-go' kit. I included watercolor paper, watercolor pencils and a hot pink (one of her favorite colors) sharpener.

Henry eats lunch at school this year and every day I was throwing away a paper napkin and cringing. Waste. I decided to make him some Halloween napkins. We use cloth napkins at home so why it took me the better part of 6 weeks to think to pack one for him is beside me.

Now the precedent is set - I need to make some for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc!

You still with me ... this has been a long post! Two more things ... I actually finished a washcloth in under 48 hours! That is a record for me (compared to the months it took me to knit one).

I am hooked. Sorry. I had to do it. Pun intended. Henry has already put in his request for 2 lovies! Crocheting is definitely more up my ally but I'm going to stick with washcloths and scarves for now. To all you knitters our there - more yarn to ya - it's tough!

And last but not least ... don't forget to sign up for the Thankful Things Swap (deadline this Friday, Oct. 31st). You know you want to ... come on ... join us!


The Stitching Surgeon said...

Love the idea of taking cloth napkins with a bag lunch! I will definately be doing that!

~ANG said...

You have been busy! Okay, first, I am loving the royal mail. second, is there a better combination in the Third, the gratitude wrap is on my "to make" list..the bias tape has been putting fear in looks fabulous without the tape! 4th, great painting...oh, to be so talented. Last...seriously, the crocheting is calling me!!!!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

wowzers!! i loved my art travelin' kit... it will get hauled many exciting places! you've been busy, busy, busy you crafty woman.... hope you find a chance to put your feet up and savor some chocolate as you flip thru a magazine.....

periwinkle said...

so glad you got your mags - I'll cross you off my list. Napkins are a great idea.. I haven't started crochet yet.. I've started quilting, 2 knitting and have 2 sewing projects on the go yikes.
lisa x

Paige said...

So glad you found a friend in crochet! And I wish I could sign up for the swap, but we're going on a vacation in a couple weeks and my hands are gonna be full! Sounds fun, though...I love me a good swap!

Kris said...

Great washcloth Adrienne! It looks really soft :) I dug up my yarn to finish up a scarf for a friend - it's a knitted one though, so it'll take a while.

So happy to hear that you use cloth napkins too! We do and when guests come over they think they're getting the royal treatment - it's kind of funny :) Makes sense to use them - we have so many!

Happy Halloween!

Rachel said...

A magazine swap is such a good idea but I could never participate... I can't part with mine!

louise said...

I have so enjoyed reading the magazines you sent me Adrienne. I have finally managed to give the magazine swap a mention on my blog. x