Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Summer Reading Spree

So I kinda get going on something and well ... keep going. You might have noticed that already (snicker); I'm a feast or famine kinda gal. When I finish a really good book I am then compelled to pick up another book - literally as soon as I've finished the last one. Here are some of the books I read back to back this summer:

The Shack - If you haven't read it. Do. I passed it on to my MIL and when she's done I plan on reading it again. Yup. It's that good.

The Year of Pleasures - after reading The Shack I needed something that didn't require a lot of mental energy. I have always enjoyed books by this author and this was no exception. Easy, fast, and enjoyable.

An Old Fashioned Girl - This was one of my Grammy's books. The pages are yellowed and delicate but the physical book overall is in great condition. I so want to be more like Polly. Such a great lead character and so well written - truly timeless.

Leaving Cold Sassy - If you've never read Cold Sassy Tree, you need to. Then you can follow it up with Leaving Cold Sassy. I loved Cold Sassy Tree and was excited when I stumpled upon LCS in a used book store. Sadly, the author, Olive Ann Burns, died of cancer and was unable to finish LCS. The first half of the books is what Burns had written along with her notes for completing the book. The second half is a tribute to her extrordiary life. Both books are a good vacation read.

I am currently reading Loving Frank. I had a really good friend post college who was from Wisconsin and loved Frank Lloyd Wright's work. She had several replicas of his stained glass windows ~ my first true introduction to his talent. I'm still a small town conservative girl who likes antiques and water color paintings, but with that said, I certainly can appreciate talent when I see it. This book is a peek inside his creative mind and life told from his mistresses perspective. Interesting read thus far.

When I read, I love to curl up in a comfy chair and have a hot cup of tea. Thanks to all of your wonderful recommendations (see comments here) I have a hard time choosing which one to brew ~

As I was watching my tea diffuse I couldn't help it - I had to get my camera. I am such a blogger.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

*I'm such a blogger* that made me laugh. I am all the time saying *Oh that'll blog!*

Your list looks interesting. I am going to have to look into some of those books.

That is a beautiful pic of the tea!

Paige said...

I've been eying "Loving Frank," too. You'll have to let me know how you like it, because I've got a big stack of "too-reads" on my desk that I've gotta get through first!

periwinkle said...

I can't go to sleep without reading a few pages of something while snuggled up in bed.. At the minute I've joined the cast of thousands and am reading the Stephanie Meyer books - they really are good
lisa x