Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Mother-Thing-A-Ma-Jig

You know. That thing in your computer - the mother load ... I mean the mother board. Yea. That thing. It went kaput. I am operating from the dinosaur of a computer we gave the kids to mess around with.

No pics and slow as molasses but I can check email. I can't wait to get back to reading your blogs and in touch with my 'virtual' world.

It is amazing (and embarrassing) what I have accomplished with out being connected. Hmmm ... maybe this forced break is a good thing ;-) Until the 'mother' is fixed ... toodles ~

1 comment:

periwinkle said...

Oh dear I hope it's fixed soon, Hub hates my laptop as it's very slow - I'm kinda used to it now though
Lisa x