Friday, September 26, 2008

In Cucina Con Adrienne

Translation ... In the kitchen with Adrienne (or so the Italian search I did says!).

Remember these. Well, I had a plan all along ... it just took me a few days to get organized. I have wanted to make home made pasta sauce for some time; every summer actually but never did it. I was afraid of 'waisting' the tomatoes. Never mind that we are giving them away at the speed of light and watching the ones we could not eat decompose on our window sill.

Then I saw Joy's post about her tomato dilemma that I decided it was time to act. Or boil, ice, peel, chop, and simmer.

Here's what I did:

I peeled the tomatoes (I think I had about 7 med to large ones) and removed the seeds (follow directions here). I didn't squeeze too much juice out - just a bit, removed the seeds and cut out the 'tough' parts. I sauteed a medium size onion and a lot of fresh garlic (the Some of a Kind household feels you can never have too much of either) in some olive oil. When tender, I added the tomatoes, fresh basil and parsley (chopped - and again, the S.O.A.K. household can't have too much of these either). I cooked it on as low as I could keep my gas flame a flickerin' until it had simmered into a sauce.

This made just enough (about 27 ounces) but it wasn't ... hmm ... saucy enough. Perfect for a large pasta dinner with plenty of sauce to slop up with bread but it needed more 'juice'. Any suggestions. I have more tomatoes on the sill awaiting a fate yet to be determined ...


(Still operating from the old computer ... I just happened to have this post saved. Hope you have a great weekend!)

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Paige said...

You could try adding a can of tomato sauce and/or paste while it's simmering...maybe?