Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Growing Pains

Yesterday was the first day of school for John (ever), and for Henry (after a summer break). They say a picture speaks a thousand words ...

That's pretty much sums up our morning. So much for glorious 'first day of school' pictures. There were many tears (me too - having someone pry your baby off of you so you can get out the door definitely hurt my heart). No worries though - John was fine after 5 minutes; it took me a little longer and 5 stores to recover. I wish I could say the retail therapy was for me but it wasn't. I was on a quest to find matching book bags. And they couldn't be just any book bags - they had to be rolling book bags. Part of the tears shed from John involved Henry's rolling back pack and lunch box ...

All is well in Some of a Kind land now ... did I say 5 stores later ... and as for John's tears, no one had to pry him away today. He cried for 2 minutes ... progress!
Speaking of progress - I promise these are the last pics of my bathroom until it is finished.

I know it's a wreck but it already somehow feels cleaner! Off to fold laundry ... one day I will see my sewing machine again ~


RamFam said...

Separation anxiety. Probably why we homeschool. ;)

-Leah :)

Tilly said...

Today was the first day back at school for my daughter and she couldn't wait. She's had such a busy summer that I think she just wanted to get back to 'normal'.

We had some extensive renovations done a couple of years ago. Unfortunately we didn't have anywhere to escape to so had to live through the mess and dust. Hope your bathroom renovations go well.

periwinkle said...

ahhh, brotherly love. Once they get into a classroom I think everything from outside is just forgotten as there is too much fun to be had in a new place. I had to hold back the tears too - I was ok until I saw his nursery teacher off last year and then I just welled up
lisa x

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love that picture of the two of them. Brotherly love!
Glad he's making progress.