Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sixteen Candles

Ok. Actually add twenty to that. Yup. It's my birthday.

"You say it's your birthday ... bada bada bada ba ... It's my birthday too ..." Remember that movie. I loved it. Still do. If you need a fix ... go here. Just for kicks, here's what I looked like at sixteen.

There I am - right in the middle with that hair. I'm like an advertisement for one of those reunion/classmates sites. It took me years to get control over my locks. Having two children has depleted me of my curl (yippee) ... but added lots of gray (arg)! I have a crazy birthday story to share but that another post entirely. I do have a funny 'out of the mouth of babes' kinda story ... Henry and I had an interesting conversation the other night in regards to my birthday:

H: What kind of cake are you going to have?
Me: We probably won't have cake sweetie.
H: oh. Why not? How ohllldd are you going to be?
Me: Thirty Six.
H: No. I don't want you to be that.
Me: Why not?
H: Because I want you to stay as you are.
Me: And what is that?
H: Sixty.

Oh happy day!


Joy said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! I LOVE the picture! Isn't it funny how much hairstyles change! ;)

Lola said...

Happy 60th!! .....and Many more!!

The Stitching Surgeon said...

Happy Birthday Adrienne! Hope it is a great one for you! Henry is just tooo cute! (BTW...you and my DH share the same birthday!)

Claudia said...

I love "Sixteen candles" too! Happy birthday and even without cake, I hope you celebrate it all the way!

Jade said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hey, that looks like my yearbook photos. I had exactly the same hair. Exactly.

~ANG said...

Happy Birthday! Nice hair!! I think I may have you beat for the late 80's early 90's hair though :o)Loving the whole Molly Ringwald era. Thanks for the flashback. One more thing....THANK YOU SO MUCH for the award!!!I'm so excited. I haven't had much time to be near my computer lately...I hope to update tonight so I can post about it...and link to your blog while I'm at it!

Lil D said...

Happy - belated - birthday.

Every woman that I've met in the States so far has had that hairstyle in their past...