Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day Two : : Not Betty Or Martha

My mom gave me these adorable muffin thingies for my birthday.

As you can see by the water droplets, I couldn't wait to use them! I washed them and them immediately filled them with the mix for some cheese muffins.

I again when to my handy Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook ~ These muffins were good but are missing something. The boys didn't seem to mind. While they were still on the cooling rack John was able to reach up and grab one.

Little stinker.

Henry - "I want the one that is shaped like a heart."

Me - " No problem, here you go dear."

I wish every mealtime was that simple ... I {heart} muffins!


Lola said...

I need some of those heart muffin thingies!! Do you think they still work if you fill them with vegies?

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I heart muffins too!

Rachel said...

Too cute!

randomrevelations said...

I'm glad those worked for you. I bought some to make cupcakes and they did not come out. My kids had to eat them out of the cups like dogs. I'm sure they didn't mind!

periwinkle said...

cute cases, I've never seen these before.. as far as recipes give lemon drizzle cake a go - it's a winner
lisa x

Jelly Wares said...

Those heart muffin moulds are gorgeous!!! Cheese muffins sound super delicious too... Can't wait to see some more baking.

Jodie :)