Friday, July 25, 2008

Re -

Re -purposed
I finally did it! I had a pair pants that were on their way to the Goodwill when I read Linaloo's repurposing challenge. Overall I'm pleased with how my pants to skirt turned out. I've never disassembled and remade something (exluding my usual seam ripping on any given project!). The pockets still do the funky pucker thing they did when they were pants but not as bad ... the front center could have been tailored a little bit better ... sew and learn ;-)

I somehow managed to even put a split in the back so I don't have to walk like Mortica Adams ;-)

Re - claimed
There is a reason I didn't do a 'before' shot. It took me waaaayy longer than it should have to scrub down my refrigerator. ick!

Re - membered

(Pop is front row center)

Pop passed away on his 94th birthday, six years ago. He would have turned 100 the end of this month.

All of these "re" has reinforced my desire to live greener. I have always tried to do so in small ways but I am trying now to do so on a much larger scale. I am: recycling and repurposing more. Reclaiming the food that we eat ... as much organic as possible (and affordable), more cooking from scratch (when able), and less packaged / processed food with 50 ingredients shipped from all over (consuming too much gas). Remembering those that came before us who never let anything go to waste ... and those who will follow us ... What God has given us is in short supply. I'd like to remember to leave some for future generations.

What are you 're-ing'?


~ANG said...

First of all, let me just say that your skirt is soooo cute. I think I have an old pair of khakis hanging in my closet that would make a nice skirt. I think I'll try it! Secondly, we have been recycling plastic, cardboard boxes, and newspapers for a few years. I habitually save our yogurt containers (the big tubs) to hold craft and school supplies. And everything I sew these days has been made from my fabric box. I fully intend to use up the fabric I have before purchasing anything new. Although it is hard to resist fabulous is my weakness! Thanks for the inspiration on the pants to skirt project!

Jade said...

What a great skirt! Way to go!! So I'm re-ing all over the place these days. Saving old clothes, like you, to repurpose. Eating as much organic as I can find. Cooking more, staying away from the middle isles in the grocery store. Using my green bags. Trying to stay home more and just 'be.' That seems to be the toughest part for me! :)

Paige said...

Wow - that skirt is just fantastic! And I love what you said about's something I've been keeping at the forefront of my mind these days. I'm in the process of switching over to all non-toxic cleansers, like vinegar and borax and baking soda concoctions. And I've been using homemade laundry soap for about 6 months now...I'll write up a post with links to the recipes I've used soon!

Rachel said...

Love the skirt! So cute.
I REally like the caRE you put into this post... very clever way to tie everything together.

periwinkle said...

great idea - pants to skirt.I try to recycle what I can but our council only pick up cans and glass - they do recycle cardboard and plastic but you have to take it to them which is really hard when you dont have transport
lisa x

Lil D said...

Cute skirt!

I reclaimed my fridge, too - I gave it a clean out while it was still looking empty after our trip. I'm re-doing the sleeves on a shirt I'd never wear otherwise, as I felt the sleeves were too puffy. More repurposing jeans into shorts. And I'm trying to remember where my seam ripper is...

Alison Boon said...

I love the way the skirt turned out. A great project. I'm Re- ducing the power we use in the house, lights off in rooms not in use, only one TV on, five minute showers.

Lina said...

I've had this book marked for ages and realise that I never commented - sorry!! It looks great on you. I think its perfect for girls too, you know when their jeans are too short in the leg but still fit around the waist? RE the green living, I'm tyring to do more too, our biggest effort is just trying to consume less generally.