Friday, May 9, 2008

One Happy Four Year Old

Thank you all so much for such lovely birthday wishes. It was quite comical trying to explain to Henry who you all are ...

"Well, Henry, they are mamma's friends."

"No. You've never met them. Neither have I actually."

"I know it's confusing."

"You are right, we should not talk to strangers. But mommy does know these ladies, sorta. We've just never met."

"Don't you need to go play outside now?"

I spent the day yesterday 'tidying up'. We have a half bath in the den of chaos so I needed to make it presentable since we have family and friends coming over to celebrate. There will be some traffic since bathrooms seem to be in high demand while entertaining. Don't want to lose a guest in there. I did find (during a cleaning break) find a random website that apparently won't be up much longer. It had a few neat projects - like the iPod cover that I've given up on. Oh well!

This will be Henry's first birthday party with friends. I've always followed the "invite how many children per age of the celebrant". He is so excited. When planning his party I had a little heart to heart about what giving means. In the end (after I completely confused him) he was happy to ask his friends to bring food for a local food bank instead of gifts for him. (I had to assure him he was still getting gifts from us though - ha!) Here's what his invitation said "Help Henry fill the bellies and tummies of little boys & girls instead of his toy box. In lieu of a gift please bring an item for the Food Pantry. Thank you!" He can't stop talking about this now - he has such a big heart.

And since I'm one of those bloggers who likes to post pictures with my babbling ...

Look what my lovely neighbor brought me because it was Henry's birthday. I almost cried. Seriously.

And lastly ... I'll leave you with one very happy four year old.


periwinkle said...

Bless him, he looks so happy.. Milo has a trike and he just loves it to pieces. I think the food pantry is a great idea, pity we don't have yhings like that here!Gorgeous flowers too.
Lisa x

lil' miss martha stewart said...

he's got wheels. what a great idea for his birthday.

The Stitching Surgeon said...

what a great idea for the birthday party! i'll have to remember that one for some day wayyy in the future :) he looks so cute and happy!

Lina said...

Happy birthday big boy! You look super cool on your bike!

me said...

Happy Big Birthday Henry!!
Hope your tummy gets filled with all good things to eat!!
Hope you have a great day.
Gill all the way from the UK!

Paige said...

That's a great idea re: the birthday presents. Have a great weekend, and a happy Mother's Day!

The Stitching Surgeon said...

by the the new header picture! happy mothers day!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Happy Birth Day to you. :)