Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Gettin' Knitty Wit It

I did it. I purled.

Yup. I'm proud. Not much to look at right now; it's the start of a dishcloth. I took this picture on Sunday so I've since made some progress ... about another inch in a half. (Just 7 1/2 more to go. I should be done by Halloween!) Now if I could only keep my tension the same. If a real knitter saw me holding the needles and how I manipulate the yarn ... they would be mortified. Quite frankly, I'm mortified, and tense. I thought knitting was supposed to be relaxing. ;-]

Completely unrelated ... The Sassy Apron Swap sign ups are up and running. Check it out.

So, back to the knitting. I guess you could say I'm gettin' knitty wit it ...

1 comment:

periwinkle said...

Congrats on the Purl, knew you could do it...now just keep going. Will try to keep updated with my attempted sewing projects too.
Lisa x