Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Turn The Page ... Tuesday

Happy 2015!
I hope everyone had a blessed holiday season. Christmas for us was very busy (I changed our guest room sheets 3 times!) but quite peaceful despite the rotating house guests. We brought the new year in with some friends (a 14 year tradition that now includes our kiddos) and spent new years day with family. To say I'm ready for along winters break (nap) would be correct! I have quite a few books stacked one upon one another that I'm working my way through. The leaning tower of literature ... fingers crossed for lots of reading this winter.
So .... on to Turn the page ... Tuesday! I read this trilogy the beginning of 2014 but thought it would be great to share in January (um - not to mention that I was in a bit of an unplanned/unannounced blog sabbatical). There's lot of snow and down right miserable conditions - perfect to read while curled up by a cozy fire with a kitty (or dog) on your lap.

The Bronze Horseman, Tatiana and Alexander, and The Summer Garden is a love story that begins in Russia during WWII. There is so much that happens that it really is hard to believe. It had me often thinking "seriously - no way". BUT. If you are one to root for the underdog you become a cheerleader. You can't help it. You can't put the book down. The author hooks you with so many twists and turn. You have to know what is going to happen next. I only made it through The Bronze Horseman because I knew there two other books - the main characters had to make it - right?! Thankfully I'm not a nail bitter - I would have none left otherwise.

I will say there is quite a bit of  "adult content" in these books but there is also a lot of Russian history and references to Russian literature. I was often referring to my friend Google to know more about a person, place or an event. I even ordered a few books that would have never been on my radar had it not been for this series.

When I was done with the last book (I literally read 3000 pages?! in a week - don't ask about the state of my home or children or husband during that time) I couldn't pick up another book. I just had to sit with the characters a bit longer. AND THEN. As fate would have it - I was able to track down a little bit more of my people - Tatiana's Table.

Now - if you followed that link - don't think I've lost my ever lovin' mind or are top of the Forbes list like Bill Gates. No, I referred to old faithful again to search - and search - and search - and well. You get the point. I found a used copy in New Zealand. Apparently, whoever owned it wasn't nearly as interested in Russian WWII cooking as me and was willing to sell it for a decent price. The shipping cost me more than the book! I know. I have issues. And no. I have not cooked one single thing from the book. But I've read it. It actually is a book not just a cookbook so the recipes are embellished with a few chapters that compliment what was in the series.

Once I satisfied my appetite (I know - I slay me) - I was able to move on to other books. Relief! I'd hate to have loved a series so much that it ended my reading career.

Yo! Adrienne says: Goodness. Go order all three (and the cookbook if you can track it down for less than the cost of your first born). Hunker up by the fire with a box of tissues (oh yessss - you will need those), a hot cup of something (or wine depending on time of day) and get going!

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Sara said...

OMGoodness, that series sounds REALLY good. After reading the Outlander series and every single other book written by D. Gabaldon related to the series in approximately 8 months, I can totally understand your, um, level of interest in a book series. I will look for it today! Also, will post my latest read today...at some point...probably...or maybe tomorrow! Happy New Year!