Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lofty Ideas

My boys share a room and have since John was 3 1/2. He has no recollection of ever being alone. Henry on the other hand does remember; albeit vaguely.

I am a bit selfish and do not want to give up the other two rooms in our house quite yet in order to give them their own room. One is Rocky's office (man cave) and the other is our guest bedroom/sewing room/Wii room/and no where else to store it room. It's the last room in our house that needs to be painted and decorated. It's pretty beat up and I'm looking forward to after 10 years rolling up my sleeves and making it a nice girly cove. In other words - neither one of us wants to sacrifice our space (and for me soon to be space once our basement is boy caved).

But back to the boys room.

Neither child has blatantly asked for his own room but I know it's coming.

Henry is a tween (how did that happen?!) and fairly tidy.

John is John and a creative messy marvin.

Thankfully the space they share is generous for an old home and houses them quite comfortably. Their closets are a bit tight because they are built into the dormers but we make do. We will certainly have to get creative the bigger they get (i.e. the bigger their clothes get).

Rocky and I had discussed the idea of buying lofts with desks underneath to give them more of their own space and a place to do their homework. Then we hit the internet. Then we realized that it would have to wait. To buy two, have assembled (because we don't have enough common sense to do it from scratch ourselves), and then painted we were looking at a hefty bill. So much for that idea.

Or so we thought.

I have a love hate relationship with Facebook.

Stay with me. This bunny trail has a happy ending.

I like to see what people are doing and lurk on and off.

I hate it when I get sucked in and truly waste time or when someone expects me to know what is happening in their life because the posted it on FB.

I LOVE it when I see a post by a friend who is selling her son's loft beds.


And she lives just a few blocks away.

Did I mention son's loft beds. As in she was selling two-matching-beds.

Doin' the happy dance.

I heart Facebook.

So we hopped in our pick-em-up truck and headed down the street. We brought home two loft beds and my friend's husband and oldest son. They helped reassemble (since they had been there done that) and wha-la! Loft bed times two.

Being the procrastinator that I am I knew that if I did not paint these loft beds immediately either my children would be:
  1. permanently moved to the soon to be girly room sharing a queen bed until Henry went off to college OR
  2. never painted and always be the light honey color and never match our dark furniture and drive me to drinking because they did not match

I got over my procrastinator self.

I ignored all the laundry, housework, grocery shopping (as opposed to just kinda ignoring it all in a regular week) and got my ready to prime and paint self to the Benjamin Moore store and stocked up.

I was armed and dangerous. Not to mention a little afraid of heights.

One primed and ready to paint.

John's turf

Henry's turf

Did you notice the desks? Henry's is a clean slate. John's is already loaded.
To say the boys are happy is an understatement.
I have this lofty idea that this will give us a few more years until one of us has to sacrifice our cave/cove.
One can always hope!

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Sara said...

Love it! What a fun read. I have a friend who kicked her younger daughter out of her own bedroom (and sent her to share with her older sister)so the bedroom could be made into a walk-in closet for the master bedroom. So...don't feel bad!