Thursday, October 9, 2014

For Your Girls

Unless you live in a hole in the ground or you are severely color blind I'm sure you've noticed a lot of pink these days. Pink ribbons, pink hats, pink socks, t-shirts that say 'Real men wear pink'.

Can I say - real men do wear pink and quite well *Rocky*.

All kidding aside - breast cancer (or any cancer for that matter) is nothing to laugh about. The statistics are nauseating and well


If you've been here for a while you might remember an email I shared that my Aunt Barbara sent me regarding my egg nog recipe. It was a hoot and her doggie Cooper got the treat of his life! Just around that time my Aunt had pain in her breast that would not go away. She went to her MD but by the time they could fit her in (approx. 2 weeks later) the pain was gone. No lump found via mammogram or physical exam. Her MD said cancer pain comes and stays - doesn't go away and since she was all clear via mammogram and her exam there was nothing to worry about.

Two months later the pain is back and is excruciating. It was not going away. Back to the MD and a sonogram is done.


Something is found.

Biopsy done.

Breast cancer.

It was in her lymph nodes.



More surgery.


More chemo.

My aunt - my funny - beautiful - smart - vibrant aunt has been to hell and back.

She is a fighter.

She has lost hair, had it grow back only to lose it again.

She will win.

She is at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. What they portray in their commercials are legit.
They are the bomb.

I am so thankful that my aunt took her health seriously and was persistent (that is how she ended up at CTCA after two disastrous MD experiences).

Why do I share her story? Because Aunt Barbara's story could be ours. Maybe it already is. Maybe you know someone who is fighting. Maybe you know someone (yourself?) who is adverse to getting a mammogram. My aunt's is a rare cancer that grows almost like a rope vs a lump so it was not detected the traditional ways but she listened to her body. She was persistent and she was right. She knew something was amiss.

Don't be shy - do your self exams monthly. Get your mammogram annually. Listen to your body and make your doctor listen. That's what they get paid to do.

Thank you Mindy for sharing your story and inspiring me to share my aunts.

If you are one for praying - I'd appreciate (and so would my aunt) prayers for her to be cancer and pain free. The medications she has to take to counter the chemo she is on is wicked and reeks havoc on her body. She is grateful to be alive but we believe in miracles and pray for total healing!

So ladies, when was the last time you checked your girls?

Don't wait.

Do it for your girls.

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Sara said...

Yes! I had my mammogram in September. Yes, my girls got squished, but hey, I had two babies--I can handle a little pain! I will send out positive vibes for your aunt and Mindy.