Monday, April 1, 2013

March Photo Scavenger Hunt

It's that time again! I got a late start this month for my hunt but I managed to squeak it out - not has creative as I wanted to be but ...



We had a late March snow storm.
I struggled with this one ... and then I looked out my window and saw the snow which looked so beautiful on the tree. Quite grand.


I must have been mad in the head to feed the boys more sugar. Recipe here.


That's how old he is now ... not for much longer though!


Another stretch of imagination but they sorta match ;-)


One of those spinny thing a ma bobs that I put in the boys Easter basket.


Really stretching it here for this one.


 The view from our back porch.
Still trying to convince the 6 year old to take the training wheels off. Maybe this is the year.


Where has it gone? 2007 wee ones to 2013 handsome (I'm biased) boys. Blink and they will be off to college.

I missed a few shots this month. Hopefully for April I will be able to get them all. Make sure you hop over to Sophie's to see what everyone else has captured. Thanks Sophie for hosting!

Hope you will be back for Turn the page ... Tuesday tomorrow! I'm optimistic that my link thing a ma jig is working this go round :-)


Anonymous said...

I love your time shots!

Sophie - CGDN said...

thanks for taking part, I hope you had fun! I love your eggs shot the most :) x