Friday, March 1, 2013

February Photo Scavenger Hunt

Another great list of subjects from Sophie at Country Girl Does Norfolk.
An awesome tile mosaic that is the length of a whole block downtown! I only snipped a bit of it. I couldn't do it justice but it is so cool.


 The view from my back porch one evening.

Darn photo is sideways - no idea why (I did take this with my phone - maybe it got switched in translation). My son loves camo ... this was his get up one night. I can't completely blame him - I'm the one who obviously encourages his habit by purchasing it!
 I'd say this goldfish in the bottom of this mostly frozen pond is a bit chilled indeed!
 I just love this stone bench.

 A rock not too far from the bench.
Double duty here - my boys found this in our backyard some years ago. I've kept it up on a bulletin board in my kitchen ever since. This is very special to me ... I ~heart~ it ;-)
  An old railway sign.

From a large fountain downtown. No cameras were sprayed in shooting of this film.

 Drats!!!!! Another sideways picture. On my computer it is upright. We just got a new computer and it has Windows 8. I am not a big fan. Grrr. Ok - enough grumbling .... just turn your head to the right a bit and take a peek at my Henry playing his new favorite sport.

Thanks for dropping by (and for tilting to the right). Make sure you take a peek at Sophie's blog where we all link up with some great pics!

Don't forget Turn the page ... Tuesday is this Tuesday! Don't be shy - stop by and let me know what you have been reading. I always love to add to my!


Anonymous said...

Love the Art picture!

Stacey's Treasures said...

How fun! I might have to try this picture scavenger hunt...

Amanda Graham said...

I really like your photos- The heart one is really special. I'm also taking part and I love how everyone sees things differently :)

Hazel Pratt said...

Aww I heart the heart!