Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Spoon Me

It finally feels like winter around here. More fires in the fireplace and stews on the stove top.

While unloading the dishwasher the other day I realized that there was only one knife and every single spoon we own. Large and small.

It's finally cold enough to keep the forks in the drawer.

Soups on.

Here are two of my favorites that you can put in the crock pot or let simmer on your stove in your brand new red dutch oven that you got for Christmas ;-)


Public Service Announcement:
You better make sure you have a healthy supply of these clean and at the ready.

Back to previosly schedule programing:
I have found these great chicken sausages that are seasoned (and nitrate free) and filled with a bit of cheese. Oh boy. They are so good and perfect for many different recipes - this being one of them: White Bean and Sausage Soup.
Stream of consciousness:

I don't know if I'm more in love with the ease of how quickly these come together or the simplicity of a one utensil meal ...


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Paula said...

Mmmmm...that gumbo looks so good! I love soup weather, which we have alot around here! May have to get the big pot and the spoons out in the next couple of days!