Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Photo Scavenger Hunt

In an attempt to dust of the camera (and the blog) I'm joining in Country Girl Does Norfolk's photo scavenger hunt.
We went to the Air and Space Museum and saw the real Discovery!

A mural painted in honor of a local citizen who truly celebrated all life.


I aggravated an old injury in the fall while running a 10 mile race (but I finished it!) and had to take a few months off to heal. 3.41 miles might not seem like a lot but it's a step towards my goal of my regular runs of 5 miles. I'm going the distance ...
(Grrrr. or should I say Brrrrr. This darn picture will not rotate and was not even taken sideways. I have no idea why it's off kilter ... maybe my camera was frozen ... bada bing bada boom!)


I'd like to think that it was my eyesight and not that my windows were are filthy ...

 I have another violinist in the house!

To do this ... and to wash my car.

No. 1


This was Rocky's when he was a kid. The boys love to play with it.


Fish tank ... looks more like an oil spill. Hmmm ... maybe that's why the fish keep doing the dead mans float.


Ok - so our snowman really is wearing manmade materials but I was in a pinch. The snow only lasted a few hours.


Bonus 2

This was so much fun to get my camera out and start shooting again. I love the looks you get when you whip over to the side of the road and jump out - take a few pictures - and then head on your merry way leaving the bystanders to wonder what they just witnessed ;-) Did you join in? Scare any pedestrians in the process? 
Make sure you visit Country Girl's blog to see what others captured.


Hazel said...

Haha! I don't think I startled anyone whilst taking mine!
Love your woollen shot, that's one handsome snowman :-)

Anonymous said...

Love your Blue! I could only think of sky!

Kezzie said...

Ha ha, I always scare people with my photo taking! Love your photos! Are you a violinist then? COool! I am a violist (but shhh, admitting to playing the viola is like a dirty secret- flute is my instrument really!)
Love the rainbowy effect upon that water!

Ruth said...

Love these photos. I really need to learn to use my camera. Thanks for always stopping by my blog. Hope all is well with you and your family.

Sophie - CGDN said...

Thank you for taking part - sorry it's taken me so long to comment, I had a look when you linked up but failed to write anything. I love the 'blue' shot, so pretty. Hope you had fun x