Monday, January 2, 2012

Photo Finish

So I finished my Turn the page ... Tuesday post and decided to wipe some of the dust off the ol' blog and bring her back to life ~ Blogger seemed to have a different idea. Did you know that apparently all your blog pictures are stored on Google's Picasa site and once you've hit your limit you have to purchase more space - annually?!

What you see above is my new header - that is what I had intended at least. For some reason Blogger will let me upload to a post but prohibits me from changing my header saying I have met my storage limit.

I'm tired. It's way past my bedtime and we are back at to the regular routine tomorrow ... and did I mention I'm sick.

Insert whining and sniffling.

I'm so stinking frustrated with blogger - anyone have any suggestions? I did attempt to delete some pics from Picasa but it then deletes them from my blog! If I can't figure this out (preferably with out spending money) it looks like Blogger and I will be finished. Suggestions for a blog host?

Oh the tragedies!


Enough of the complaining.

Please feel free to share any nuggets of info that I missed while I was seeing red ;-P

See you tomorrow for TTPT. I promise it's a much more upbeat post (smiles and sneezes).


Ruth said...

I see your new header is up. How were you able to correct the problem? I wouldn't have any idea what to do.
Happy belated New Year!


Paula said...

Hmmmm...I've been on blogger since I started blogging. Can't remember exactly, but I think about 5 years ago and have never had that problem. I don't have a Picasso account either, so am confused by that. I hope you got it all figured out without having to buy anything. Craziness! And hope you feel better soon!