Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's Shakin?

In my case ... it was our house for what seemed like an eternity.

Never did I think I would experience an earthquake here in good ol' Virginia.

Never say never.

I thought my washing machine was unbalanced.

And then my sofa was actually moving.

John began to cry.

Helicopter using our back yard as a landing pad perhaps?


It's ok baby.

Quick survey out the window confirmed the trees were still.

What is it mama? Why are we shaking?

I don't know sweet pea but it's ok.

We are ok.

Henry who's school is right around the corner didn't notice a thing but my cousin in Boston felt the tremors.

I can now add a 5.8 earthquake to my list of natural occurrences - tornado and hurricane were already on the list.

By the Grace of God we are ok.

Anything shaking in your zip code?


Jill said...

YES! I experienced my first earthquake yesterday... tho I didn't know it till I got an e-mail alert from the local news channel. I thought it was me... or the wind... I was very confused. :)
It was only for a second, then it was gone, but wow was it interesting.

(I'm 30-miles south of Buffalo, NY)

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Some people felt it up here in Boston, but we didn't an hour west of Boston. I remember feeling earthquakes when I was a kid growing up out in California, but we never had a big one while I was there.

But I did do something fun today that I thought you might like to know about. Remember the pear apron you made me for a swap a while back? I got some cute Michael Miller apple fabric and coordinating dots and traced the apron and made a new one for my daughter who will be turning 21 next month. She's newly married and I think she needs to have a nice apron to start off her cooking career with! It turned out great, but I can't show it yet because she reads my blog!

That's all that's shaking up here! Thank goodness!


Debi said...

I'm in northern NY (about an hour from Montreal) and I felt it... ever so slightly. It kind of freaked me out because it was soooo slight I thought I imagined it!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I'm glad you're safe! I didn't feel a thing, but my husband's office building in Albany, NY got evacuated. Go figure.

periwinkle said...

whoa that must have been well scary , at least you are all fine. Nothing shaking here , not unless you count a north sea ferry crossing on a rather rough sea !!

Ruth said...

I did not feel a thing. We were at the hairdresser and people were coming in and talking about it. I couldn't believe it. The tremors travelled pretty far.

Glad everyone was ok.


queen of everything said...

glad you guys are safe. my sil who lives in dc said it was creepy and made her seasick

angela said...

We were shaking right here with you in VA. I have never felt anything like it...and the sound of my house shaking was a little freaky. My girls were down right terrified..for about 30 seconds. We went out in the yard and it was less intense feeling...but boy, oh boy, in the house the lamps were falling, dishes rattling, and chandelier swaying. I'm glad we're all okay...the whole east coast!

Stacey's Treasures said...

Wow, that is pretty scary!!!
I'm sure glad you guys are O.K.
My hubby is shaking up the ground, trying to get enough dirt moved so our corals don't flood this spring.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

my goodness!
shaking? not yet, but the wedding reception is tomorrow... bwaa haa haa