Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Running For The Border

So you savvy bloggers out there I'm sure have guessed that not much sewing or crocheting is happening over here right now judging by the lack of postings. No foolin' you all ;-)

We do however have to eat despite how busy we are (albeit quite often sometimes it's chicken nuggets and whatever else is in the fridge). 

I find when I am short on time I tend to run for the border and declare

Mexican night.

Back story: one of my college roomies and I would head to the local Mexican restaurant that just happened to cause us to cross over a bridge that had us leaving the town and enter the county and in our 19 year old minds had us "running for the border" for some cheap and delicious grub. I can't refer to Mexican food with out suggesting we run for the border. Old habits die hard.

So when time is tight and I'm clearing out the pantry this Mexican casserole is a given. You can chuck in here whatever really. I don't even measure the onion and garlic because really, the more the better. Next time I think I'll add some corn for kicks and top with green onions. Rocky loves it with black olives, sour cream and hot sauce that will light you on fire just by looking at the bottle. I prefer mine with some Cholula and tomatoes. Henry wants it all (minus the heat). And John ... well, he has chicken nuggets. sigh.

When you are short on time where do you run?


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Either grilled cheese and tomato soup, or breakfast dinner if I'm cooking. If it's left up to my husband, the kids always ask for Kraft Mac and cheese and they love it...I'm embarrassed to admit I keep it in the house for just such occasions!


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

There's always one who opts for the chicken nuggets. Actually, I think I have two like that. Your running for the border meal looks so good.

Stacey's Treasures said...

I love Mexican food!
When I am short on time we eat eggs for dinner.

Paige said...

When time (or interest and motivation) eludes me, I seek whatever I can stuff in a bun...or pasta with sauce. Your run for the border sounds much more exciting!

Sara said...

Homemade quesadillas!