Sunday, February 27, 2011

Persephone Reading Weekend :: Act II

I just love this blogging community and all the resources and kind souls that are out there. Claire, one of the gracious hosts of Persephone Reading Weekend so kindly dropped by to peek at my review of The Making of a Marchioness ... and dangled the proverbial carrot in front of my reading glasses ;-) Since my copy of TMOAM was not from Persephone it was lacking the sequel.



There is more?!

Well, in want of instant gratification (and a deadline looming since the reading weekend was only just that - a weekend) I knew the only way to really complete the challenge was to do what any other inquiring mind would do ... I ordered it from Amazon on my Kindle for a whopping 95 cents.

I know I know! ~shudders~ I have a Kindle. More on that later.

Well, if part one (The Making of a Marchioness) wasn't sweet and Pollyanna-like then part two (The Methods of Lady Walderhurst) wasn't devious and diabolical. OK. Maybe that is a bit dramatic; but really - what unfolded in the sequel was far from what I had anticipated. Mystery, deception, the occult, and true love; a far cry from the feel-good-warm-and fuzzy first book. I had to chuckle, quite often actually, at the less than desirable description of Lord Walderhurst. You have to wonder at times if the poor soul actually had a pulse! Sweet Emily though saw through his reserve and and fell quite head over heals for him despite himself - and he equally fell (and softened) for her honest and kind ways. And the villens! Oh boy - they were diabolical. This sequel had me thinking; what would you do for power, riches, and fame? Or does that even matter to you? What if only one person stood in the way of  'setting you up' for life - what would you do? Manipulate your situation or even plan and commit murder? As I said before, part one was very sweet and innocent - part two has a much darker side of humanity.

I'm so glad Claire clued me in - I would have missed, as Paul Harvey would say "the rest of the story".

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