Friday, January 7, 2011

Hurricane Adrienne Hits Home In Virginia


Hurricane season is over?

Hmmm ... not here in Virginia.

Adrienne is still going strong.

Haven't heard of that storm?

Category 4.

Just take a look at the destruction she caused (and this is only one place where her high winds and yarn poured down):

  1. Hot tea from the morning ... still there when this areal photo was taken at 4:42 PM.
  2. New gizmo gadget thingy that makes pom poms.
  3. What's left of a skein of yarn. It's not  a toilet paper holder (really people - she's not that bad).
  4. Just a small pile of the ends that were woven in for a hat for Henry ... there were more. Lots more.
  5. The pattern for a scarf that was been a WIP for at least a year (the yarn was on the toilet paper holder cardboard tube)
  6. A weapon. For real. Have you ever held a size P crochet hook? It could take anyone out and that has hooks on either end (she's a professional).
  7. Hook/needle bag that fell prey and was missing in action due to Hurricane Adrienne. Located due to surveillance photo.
  8. A coaster that obviously wasn't used for no. 1.
  9. A big fat yarn needle that saw way to much action (see no. 4) and could not be stored properly (see no. 7).
  10. Another gizmo gadget thingy that made no. 4 so much more bearable.
  11. A Halloween silly band.
  12. Another weapon stored improperly (again see no. 7). Sadly it is barely functional because the blades are so dull.
  13. A bag that is housing a scarf (see no. 5) that is a quarter of the way done.
Sadly we cannot share any other photos of the devastation she has caused due to the sensitive nature of the unsavory material (laundry, dishes, finger prints, dusty window sills and abandoned sewing/crochet projects ~shudders~). Thank goodness we have these pictures of before the hurricane to preserve what was once a place of tranquility.

Stay tuned as we will continue to update you on this freak of nature.


Mary Grace McNamara said...

I think that same weather system is affecting us too! But I'm not sure I want it to pass :) Life is good!


Ruth said...

This is too funny. I can relate.

Thank you for your sweet comment. It's been a sad time.


:: Andrea :: said...

I bet you have been super productive though!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I have to get my rear in gear and clean up my own destruction....A day off from work and I skittered here and there, making a mess.

I never held a size P hook. Oh my. Should I?

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

~snickers~ Hurricane Adrienne...I love it!

Paula said...

Heeehehhe. Cute post. Pretty sure Hurricane Adrienne's sister storm, Hurricane Paula, has hit the western coast.

Happy Storm Watching!

Anonymous said...

Ha! This storm is hitting way too close to home. :)

Paige said...

Now that is one large crochet hook! And it's hooked on both ends, too! I haven't worked with anything of that nature (so far)...we'll see what the next weather system brings to my neck of the woods. heehee.

Sara said...

Heeheehee...I like this post! (So much like my own home.)

Ally Johnston said...

I'm hoping that there will be aid heading your way soon to help offset the devastation caused by your hurricane.