Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Week In Review

Saturday the 11th - Henry wakes us at 5:30 am crying because his throat hurts - Motrin and a day of sleep seem to do the trick

Sunday the 12th - Henry wakes us at 3 am, 4 am, 5 am - Rocky takes Henry to the MD - Diagnosis - strep throat

Monday the 13th - Keep Henry home from school for a day of rest. After Henry's "day of rest" I need about a weeks worth of rest

Tuesday the 14th - Henry is back at school and our hectic regular schedule resumes

Wednesday the 15th - Every child who is old enough to understand the weather report (Henry and John included) knows that snow is predicted. They behave like wild animals who have been caged. We are notified that school will be delayed an hour on Thursday due to impending weather conditions.

Thursday the 16th - 5:50 am we are woken by the phone cancelling school ... but wait ... there is no snow! Around 8 am the skies open up - beautiful flakes begin to fall ... and fall ... and fall ... we they get to play in the white fluffy stuff. We make peanut butter snow balls (peanut butter dipped in white chocolate) and pig out.

Friday the 17th - School is cancelled again. Roads are not plowed and it's like a skating rink outside our door (there are lots of hills here ... perfect for propelling a vehicle in the wrong direction when icy). I am about to lose my mind - the boys have had waaaayy too much together time and all the chocolate in the house has been eaten by me.

Saturday the 18th - More snow play and general 'feeling cooped upness'

Sunday the 19th - Henry wakes up with pink eye. After a call to the MD and some antibiotic eye drops we are cleared to go see Santa. Remember last years pic? Well ...not much changed this year.

John didn't want anything to do with the guy in red. One day ... maybe when he is 20 I will have a picture of him smiling.

Here is our attempt at a family photo

There is always next year.

Somehow this week I did manage to finish the doll quilts, crochet two swiffer covers, finish the boys scarves, sew a scarf, and almost finish a pair of fingerless mitts (until I ran out of yarn - drats!). Hopefully I will have some time to take pictures to share all the goods ... after Henry's Polar Express party, his class party and violin. Oh yea - and I clean my house for the company that is arriving on Tuesday.

You know what - it's all good. A bit crazy but good.

How was your week?


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Wonderful! Sounds just about right for normal family life! And believe it or not, the Alan Jackson song is so right...someday you're gonna miss this! Your family picture is beautiful!


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I don't think I can top that! Although my college boy came home with the mother of all coughs. He's keeping us up most nights now, hacking away. News flash -- it doesn't matter how old your kids are, when they're sick you kick into hyper-mothering gear.

Hopefully, there will be school today and you can get lots accomplished before the company arrives.

Great family photo -- even if only three faces are showing.

periwinkle said...

Oh my that was a week and a half wasn't it... love the attempt of the family photo. I think we only have 2 of us as a family in total. I really hope you guys have a fabulous super duper Christmas and santa is very good to you all x

Hot Cup Lutheran said...


i had to take baileybean to the vet this morning, and last friday.... and well, it's not the same but interrupting none-the-less in an all too busy week!

he's okey dokey now... but at 10 months, 80lbs, and ALL puppy... the house seems tiny.

angela said...

I am amazed at how much you got accomplished in a week. I do wish you a Merry Christmas! I hope you all stay well through the remainder of the holiday season. Now, I've got some sewing to do!