Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Children Of The Corn

It was 1984.

I was 12 years old-ish.

I had no business watching a scary movie but somehow I managed to see it.

Fast forward to 2010. I am on a field trip for Henry's class.

It all came back.

As we were working our way through the corn maze I couldn't help but get a metal picture of a scythe coming down out of nowhere at any second. Don't worry, I didn't share this with the children (grins).

And then we couldn't find our way out.

For real.

One of the dads who was a chaperon said (after we had heard "I'm hot, I'm thirsty, I'm tired" at least 3,258,947 times) - "We're cuttin' thru." Then came the mental picture again of that scythe ...

We ended up just busting thru the corn towards where we thought the entrance was and thankfully ended up on the right side of the corn! We had maps but we still managed to get ourselves turned around. They told us they do this at night with flashlights. Guess what I will NOT be doing. Ever.

Once we recovered from the drama of our adventure in corn maze and rehydrated; the children got to pump old fashioned water pumps to race ducks to the other side.

The bonus ... no corn stalks to get lost in (smiles).

All over the farm there were signs like this ...

They should have a game called Who's Smarter Than A 1st Grader because they would all shout out the answer while the adults were still trying to figure it out.  I think we were still recovering from our Survivor episode in the corn maze.

There was a hay ride, pumpkin pickin' and a ride in a cow train pulled by a tractor. Pig petting, chicken feeding, and goat gazing. A mini corn maze and a corn sand box were investigated before we moved on to the underground slide. The children had to sit on burlap sacks to shimmy their way down.

We all had a hot, sweaty, dusty good time.

The moral of the story. Don't watch scary movies. You never know when they will come back to haunt you.


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Ha -- this happened in the "Little House..." series. I remember Laura or Mary got lost in a corn field. Not a scary movies, but I still felt the fear. Glad you're back amongst us.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

It's even worse if you read the book! If I don't check my memories of reading Stephen King books at the door, there's too much stuff I wouldn't do! I don't read him anymore!

Sounds like you had a fun day with the kids!


Stacey's Treasures said...

"Children of the Corn" yes that movie still scares me.
Looks like lots of fun!!!!

UK lass in US said...

I haven't seen it, but my lovely husband refers to our offspring at the 'children of the corn'...

That place looks cool - to those of us not scarred by a scary movie, that is...

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I watched a newer version just the other day. ~shudders~

queen of everything said...

my hubby helped out at our local corn maze one fall, and everytime we went that was all i could imagine. he told me they had a problem with some kids wearing scarey clown masks and hiding in the corn at night to jump out and scare people. all i could think is i would kill myself or someone else trying to get away.

Paula said...

I could actually hear scary movie music playing when I first started reading your post - LOL! Glad you got home safe and sound with all your heads still attached.

We go to a pumpkin patch/corn maze every year and have such a good time. Love that stuff. (not the scary stuff, the fun stuff!)