Monday, September 6, 2010


Rocky and I loaded up the car with fried chicken and coleslaw, opened up the sunroof, cranked the tunes and headed down the road for a date.

This is what happens when you've been married for a long time ...

you don't bother to paint your toes.

Our destination - the land of orange.

I get almost  as exctited as Rocky when football season rolls around. See, our first date was to a Virginia football game. When the first home game rolls around it takes me back to that sweet tender getting to know you stage. I always get a little tingle in my tummy as we drive down the highway to our destination. I look at Rocky and grab his hand and say "You know what this reminds me of ... " and he says along with me "Our first date". I think I've said that for 12 years now. He knows the routine ;-)

So as you can see - we've had this football gig for quite awhile. Time to take the tailgate up a notch. As I mentioned before, I've had this fabric for a shamefully long time and just never got around to making a tablecloth. The design has gone from elaborite/quilted to what you see below.

Please forgive the ghost like picture. I forgot my camera and only had my phone (of which I took all the pictures in the post with). It was so dark I had to 'doctor' it a bit.  The letters are appliqued and I used a template from Skip to my Lou. This thankfully worked up quickly because the play clock was counting down. I finished with a few seconds to spare ... TOUCHDOWN!


What playbook have you been reading?  Turn the page ... Tuesday is tomorrow!


periwinkle said...

just catching up on your last few posts, those fish were just awful - shudder.. I culd do with some of those lovely looking breads but ass = bus is on a diet again .. Gabe starts school on Wed :-(, glad you enjoyed your date night ..

Mary Grace McNamara said...

How fun!


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

What a great tablecloth for you tailgaters! This is a really great tradition you and your husband have going. See you tomorrow -- I'm ready with my book(s).