Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Once I came undone, the adventure began to find the perfect blanket to make. Boy oh boy is it easy to get lost in this virtual world of ours.

I became slightly obsessed interested in the Catherine Wheel Stitch but could not locate a free pattern for a blanket despite my search.  I did however stumble upon this beautiful scarf. I did find a pattern on Ravelry for a scarf but I was too lazy / math illiterate to convert it into a blanket. This one comes close (and maybe it is indeed a version of the CWS) but I decided against it. I saved it to my favs to go back to later (along with about 52 others).

I then moved on to this gorgeous blanket. Are you all familiar with the Garnet Hill catalogue? There was a blanket similar to this a few years ago and I drooled all over that page for months. I don't remember how much the blanket was but I remember thinking that it was overpriced. That was obviously before I began crocheting and knew how much work that blanket would be and the cost of the yarn! I quickly came to my senses - no I did not try to buy the blanket but realized that I am stash busting - cream yarn it is.

Then Sunny Spread came my way. Oh boy. I love it. It's beautiful. It's great for a solid color. It requires my undivided attention - oh wait stop. Can't go there. Added to the favs (number 53).

After much waxing and waining and far too much time on the computer neglecting children, hubbie, dinner, bathrooms I decided upon this pattern from Lion Brand.

It seems simple enough but not sleep inducing.

Then I began wondering if I was wrong.

Simple has become complicated.

One four five letter word.


All these squares are lined up edge to edge and as you can see they are not the same size.

I'm hoping that once they are all done (only 27 more to go) and assembled it will work out ... or if nothing else, once wrapped in the blanket the recipient won't even notice the fact that her blanket is a new geometric shape ... rectangleish.


UK lass in US said...

I can e-mail you a pattern for a Catherine Wheel blanket, if you want. I've made several baby blankets with that stitch after Moonstitches sent me the yarn for making one of her Rhubarb scarves (still in progress - that yarn is like sock yarn...)

periwinkle said...

That scarf is gorgeous, looks tricky . Ravelry can really ssuuuuuuuuuck you in can't it ?

Ally Johnston said...

Well I become totally absorbed int he virtual journey of your choices to and have to say if I could crochet well then I would have added to my queue without a doubt, that sunny bedspread is so scrummy. Blocking may cure the shape/ size issue. Steam block them to the dimensions you want and you might just end up with a squarangly blanket.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Gauge....I ignore it. That yarn looks so soft and pretty. Keep going Adrienne! Your can do it.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You go girl! I could never ever do that!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

but isn't it the personalization that makes hand-crafted gifts so unique? i know, whatever the project, we strive for perfection... bwaaa haaa haaa... character is good, in life, in art, in blankies.