Monday, August 30, 2010


Last week was a crazy week.

Remember when I said this?

I'm eating crow now.

OK. Not really.

I've actually been eating apple bread and banana bread.

With Henry in school I was able to get in the kitchen once more. Sadly, we are at a stage where I cannot have both of them drive me insane and throw flour everywhere help me. John and I had a marathon baking session. Four mini loaves of apple bread and one almost didn't happen banana bread - the bananas were on the verge of being sooo rotten they just made the cut for a nice large loaf.

The first day of school proved to be quite stressful for me. It all started when Henry's bus never came. I had to load he and John (who was still in his PJ's) along with a neighbor's kid in the car and drive them to school. Thankfully I am able to do that and even more thankfully (I can use improper grammar ... it's my blog) I was actually dressed myself and ready for the day. Would hate to scare all of Henry's classmates the first day! That little bump didn't phase Henry at all which was a relief and John thought it was hysterical that he got to wear his jammies to school. We all had a good chuckle and I came home and baked. Little did I know that Henry's bus ride home would be a bit more of an adventure. 

He arrived almost an hour past his drop off time and the bus driver had him listed for another bus. Henry told her where he lived and that indeed he was on the right bus and explained what had happened that morning. The bus driver was so cute when she arrived at our house - she told me she was so proud of Henry for 'knowing his stuff'.

The next morning (yes the bus did arrive to pick up Henry) I had a loaf of apple bread for Ms. Bus Driver. I figured after the day she had had before she probably felt a little baked. I know I did!


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

From fish tales to bus tales....We've had many bus adventures, usually with the bus driver forgetting to drop off my children. They would never say a word because they wanted to see where their classmates lived. Then, the driver would have to return at the end of the run with my kiddos. It could be worse, my nephew fell asleep on his way home from kindergarten and was locked in the bus garage. Freak out!

Ally Johnston said...

Let's hope that the rest of the school year goes more smoothly or you'll be doing a whole lot more baking

luci said...

glad the bus driver got things sorted - andyum for banana bread.