Friday, June 25, 2010

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Another post that has been sitting idle ... The picture is from when we first arrived on the gulf; they could not wait to jump in. Can't say I blame them after the looooonnng car ride we had.

While getting John dressed one day ...

Mama, I am a great man. I help you with the laundry. I help you get the trash. I help you clean up. Yup. I am a great man.

Indeed my little fella. Indeed.

While fixing John's seat on his bike ...
Me: I need to go to the basement to get some of daddy's tools to adjust the seat. I'll be right back.
Upon returning ... Do you know how to use daddy's tools?

Henry a few hours later ... You fixed John's bike! How?

Me: With daddy's tools.

You know how to use daddy's tools?

The other morning I got ready to go for a run. As I am heading out the door John says ... You going to play hopscotch?

I wish.


Henry and I are driving down the road and he asked me why I 'jumped' (he notices everything). I explained to him that the big dump truck in front of us has loose gravel on it and no cover over it. Some gravel flew off and made me 'jump'; I was worried it would hit our car despite being far behind it.

Henry was quiet for a moment and then said ... you could just put a force field around it ... or maybe you could use a shield.

Oh if life was only so easy ...

Hope these brought you a chuckle today ;-P  What is tickling your funny bone these days?


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

LOL you and your kids are.

I want a force field. I bet they have those at Trader Joes since there in not one in a million mile radus from here.

angela said...

I gotta write stuff'd you remember all of those great moments?

Jill said...

From now on, whenever I'm going for a run, I'm telling my hubby that I'm "going to play hopscotch".

These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

What a bunch of cuties you have (except for that tool comment -- humph). Now you've preserved these memories forever. My kids precious comments are pretty much lost forever.

queen of everything said...

i love the tool comments, too funny. i love the way children's minds work. currently laughing at my son walking around and growling at me.

Paige said...

I love those little tidbits of conversation with your kids; I, too, would like to just put a force field around every potentially dangerous thing out there!
This evening I went for a little walk with Juliet, and she had me pretend to be her friend, not her mom...and she talked my ear off for the whole 45 minute walk around the block! It's amazing all the stuff that's going on in the minds of those little ones.

Stacey's Treasures said...

Kids are so silly!
A force field sounds like a good idea!!!!

Paula said...

I wanna go play hopscotch. And have a force field.

Very funny kids. Out of the mouth of babes is making me giggle right now to. Our 2-1/2 year old grandson is staying with us right now, (oh, and his mommy and daddy too!), and he is just to funny.